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5* Book Review of Retrace by Sigal Ehrlich

Have a look at my review of Retrace, this book is fabulous and should be read by all.


Retrace by Sigal Ehrlich


Release Date: 6th November 2014
Genre: New Adult Romance

Nia Martins believes a fresh start will help her leave her traumatic past behind. Moving to a different country, she seeks to shake off her demons by doing the one thing that sets her free from her destructive thoughts – teaching dance. But change doesn't come easy, and all Nia really wants is to take the next breath without the perpetual suffocation that follows.

Reeves Mitchell has looked death in the eyes so many times it’s become habitual. That is, until his best friend's life was on the line. When the one thing he feared the most turns into reality, all he can do is pick up the pieces of his loss. As Reeves tries to live with the constant thought of “what if” gnawing at the back of his mind, he persistently and steadily builds a thick wall around himself.

Their solitary lives are all they have—until fate brings them together. Nia and Reeves’ new friendship helps make life, shadowed by the ghosts of their past, more bearable. But as their relationship deepens and new, suppressed feelings emerge between them, are they willing to retrace their steps back to where wounded hearts can be broken once more?

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My Review


Retrace was my first experience reading a novel by Sigal Ehrlich and Ohhhh Myyyyy Goooodness what a fabulously written and amazingly structured read. I now have another favourite author to add to my growing list. Retrace was intriguing, mysterious and had me crying with compassion for Nia and Reeves.

Nia is a twenty three year old that has endured a harrowing past already for someone so young. She moved across the globe to escape her painful memories and to make something for herself in a new country. A fresh start and a new beginning.

Reeves Mitchell is biding his time, taking each day as it comes until revenge can be handed out for the life of his friend. Every day and night Reeves cannot forget that fateful day and it will be forever etched into his heart. His best friend, Ben meant the world to him and now, Reeves has placed a wall so thick and strong around his heart that nobody will be able to penetrate it.

Reeves works at Jakes, a bar in between his real job; Jake is a mate but also organises his assignments. Reeves is known as a playboy and uses the woman to release his frustration. He’s currently living in a hotel room, waiting for his apartment to be finished in a couple of days.

Nia feels free when she dances, it’s the only thing that lets her forget the trauma of her past. Now in America she has the chance to live her dream, she has acquired a job teaching young girls to dance.

Returning to her room, Nia is exhausted and ready to hit the shower and unwind. Opening the door to exit the bathroom, Nia runs into Reeves. Reeves is stunned when a beautiful naked body is standing in front of him as he was heading to take a shower. Nia starts screaming at him and he just stares, unable to look away from the exquisiteness. Obviously there has been some sort of mix up in their rooms.

After her first lesson, Nia has made friends and they all head to Jakes for a drink. Funnily enough Reeves is on the door, after he stamps her wrist she calls him G.I. Joe, smiles and heads inside.

A couple of days later fate has a funny way of dealing out hands, Nia has moved into her new apartment and hears banging and crashing from the apartment above. Thinking somebody may be in trouble, she heads up to help. When the door opens, Nia is surprised to see her G.I. Joe standing in front of her.

That was the beginning of their friendship and continued on to have benefits. All the while their secrets stayed hidden and their feelings escalated. Nia finds Reeves fights her nightmares away and for Reeves she just makes him feel complete.

Who is Reeves really and what does he do? What happened to Ben? Who is Katie to Reeves? What happened three years ago to Nia? Who is Patrick and why will she never love anyone more than she loved him? Will Nia trust Reeves enough to tell him her story?

Retrace is an emotional rollercoaster. Reeves could be so sweet and caring and then cold and distant the next second. Nia is a broken mess and struggles to move on. This one has something for everyone from drama to intrigue, romance to hot need and mystery to action. The writing style was fantastic as were the characters and this is a must read.


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About the Author

Sigal Ehrlich AuthorBy teen age, Sigal already lived in three different continents where she was lucky enough to experience and visit varied places, meet unique people, which only helped fuel her overly developed imagination. Currently, Sigal calls Estonia home where she lives with her husband and three kids.  Not exactly sure where they will end up next…






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