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5* Book Review of Natural Love by S. Celi

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Natural Love by S. Celi

Released: 9th December 2014
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

My whole life, I wanted one thing: to be the perfect son.

Growing up, I did everything my father required. Straight A's in school. Perfect manners. I forced myself to live up to his standards--standards that pushed the Chadwick family name to the highest rungs of society.

Over the years, we climbed so high that my father hoped we’d never fall.

If only he’d been right. With each successful year, the Chadwick family skeletons grew bolder and darker. Each member of my family had something to hide.

The secret Avery Jackson and I shared was the worst one of all.

She was the one person I shouldn’t love--the one person I couldn’t love. But I did. I loved Avery Jackson. I wanted her, even though a romance with her threatened everything.

It all felt so natural.

And that was exactly the problem.



My Review

I am a huge fan of Sara Celi and was super excited to learn of her new book. Of course this is another fantastic new adult romance with something a little different in the forbidden love theme. As is the norm for Ms Celi’s books, Natural Love was fabulously written and I again loved the book written from a male point of view. With surprises along the way, this was unpredictable and the forbidden love aspect was appealing.

Spencer Chadwick is a twenty-four year old that was exiled for two years to South Africa in the Peace Corps. (What Spencer did you will have to read to find out, but little hints here and there always keep you reading to find the answer.) Spencer has done everything to please his father and not to embarrass the family. The Chadwick name is one everybody knows and Spencer has always worked toward getting into the family business, Chadwick Properties and Construction.

Portrait of a smart and handsome serious young manSpencer arrives home on U.S. soil for the first time in two years, he is excited to take his rightful place as heir to the Chadwick fortune, but his father seems to have other ideas. Spencer feels that his father will never forgive him and as hard as he tries, will not be accepted. His goal is to prove himself to get what is rightfully his.

Spencer arrives at Chadwick Gardens, the family estate. He is pleased to see Avery, they grew up together and are extremely close. They share a secret from three years ago that changed both their lives and the only way for Spencer to cope with his guilt was with a bottle of bourbon.

Grant is Spencer’s best friend and he is making eyes at Avery, Spencer becomes very protective and tells him to back off. Spencer knows he shouldn’t be having feelings like these towards Avery, they are inappropriate and he starts to avoid her at all costs. The only problem is the Chadwick name, with the name comes obligations, the pair must attend a fundraiser together.

It appears that the feelings Spencer has towards Avery are mutual and the harder he tries to keep them at bay, the more Avery tempts him. Avery is like a light in a room, when she walks in the entire room illuminates and everybody is drawn to her. This also means that Spencer cannot resist her for long. He has always dreamed of what it would be like to kiss her, be with her and belong to her.

The only problem is it would bring the wrong kind of attention to the Chadwick name.  Will they follow their hearts and be together? What are the secrets that seem to be eating away at Spencer and Avery? Will the family secrets come out? Will Spencer get accepted by his father and join the family business?

When I’d finished reading this book, I was in astonishment. It was mysterious, intriguing and surprising. I was crying with horror and pain when the secrets were revealed, I was not expecting that at all. With Ms Celi’s words, I was allowed into the life of a privileged young man that hadn’t been handed the silver spoon, he had to earn it and I highly recommend this book to those new adult readers after something a little different for forbidden love.


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About the Author

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: The Palms by S CeliJournalist. Novelist. Broadcaster. Blogger.

An overactive imagination has always served Sara Celi well. Starting from age 10, with an epic tale about a soldier during the Civil War, Sara has made creating stories her life’s work.

After graduating cum laude from Western Kentucky University in 2004 with a degree in Broadcast News and History, Sara Celi started her decade-long career in broadcast journalism at TV stations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

Her love of the written word came to fruition with the publishing of her first novel, The Undesirable, in 2013 and has since published The Palms and Prince Charming.

Born in New Orleans and having lived all over the United States, Sara Celi now calls the Greater Cincinnati area home. In her spare time, she likes to read, shop, travel, run, volunteer with the Junior League, serve on the board of Wesley Community Services, and work with Cooperative for Education, a non-profit providing educational opportunities for the children of Guatemala.

To keep up with Sara Celi and find out about her future works, subscribe to her mailing list, The Celi Circle. Subscribers can participate in exclusive giveaways and events. You can also follow Sara on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




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