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5* Book Review of Rush by Eve Silver

Rush - Eve Silver
Summary: So what's the game now? This or the life I used to know?

Sixteen-year-old Miki Jones is pulled from her everyday life into an alternate reality game where she and a team of other teens battle the Drau—beautiful and deadly alien creatures bent on mankind's destruction. There are no dry runs, no boot camp, no time to acclimate to new weapons. There's only the mission: kill or be killed. Make it out alive, and Miki gets to respawn back in her real world . . . but only until she's pulled into the terror of the game once more.

The team's mysterious leader insists it's every player for herself. Other players talk about hit points and health bars and a way out of the game. Everyone has secrets. Everyone lies. And when the mission takes a deadly turn, Miki's only hope for survival depends on her figuring out who—and what—to trust.

rushTitle: Rush
Series: The Game #1
Author: Eve Silver
Publisher: Self
Released: 8th August 2014
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Format: eBook
Source: supplied by Author via YA Bound Book Tours - thank you!

I have heard a lot about this book and everything good and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I have to say that RUSH is like no other book in the history of books for me, it was totally unique and unbelievably MIND-BLOWING. Eve Silver has created a world like no other with such imagination and realism that I could picture it happening around me. The characters were flawless with growth and intrigue; the non-stop flow of the story was addictive and I couldn’t stop thinking about this book for days after finishing it.

At sixteen, Miki Jones knew she was different, but when she discovers how truly different she is, her life changes into a game of life and death. On an ordinary school day when she’s hanging with her friends, Miki has starts hearing a boy’s voice in her mind. He was calling her name. Distracted from her friends, Miki stands at the boundary fence of her school and looks around. She only sees Luka an old childhood friend that recently returned to the school. But it isn’t his voice.

Miki spots a little girl on the street that’s bending to pick something up. She then realises who it is, the girl is the sister of a school friend and is deaf. Miki sees a truck coming and the girl wouldn’t hear it. The voice in her head yells “MIKI! NOW!” and she takes off trying to get the little girl out of harm’s way.

Miki runs as fast as she can, shoving the girl, but now Miki’s in the impact zone. Luka tries to pull her away, but it’s too late, BANG, they’re both smashed into broken, unliveable condition. That voice is in her head again, stay still and let it pass. HUH? Miki blacks out.

Miki awakens in a field and that voice now belongs to a face, then a body and now a person. Jackson Tate calls Miki a new arrival to their team. He fastens a bracelet onto her wrist, “The bracelet’s your con. The colour’s your health. Don’t let it turn red.”

Luka is no longer broken and bloody, but perfectly fine; although he is avoiding her.

“You died. On the road.” His reply, “I died last year.”

The other two are Richelle and Tyrone. Together the five are a team, they have a missions and earn points with each enemy they terminate.

“We still have real lives. They just get temporarily interrupted every now and then.”

“It’s not a game. It’s real. What you do here determines your survival. And the survival of every other person on this planet.”

It was a little confusing at the beginning, but as Miki learns more of her life as a soldier and of the rules, we learn more. Jackson is a complicated boy that has secrets of his own. Luka is a really good friend, but is in a difficult situation. Miki has to also remember that she has another life, that has friends and school and now her life is full of secrets too.

Tag along as Miki discovers her strength, as she shares her fears and secrets, as she learns that nothing is quite what it seems and danger lies around every corner. Rush is one extraordinary, genius creation and is full of surprises at every step. I don’t have enough words to tell you how much I loved this book, but everybody needs to read it.
5 PAPER HEARTS goodreads





About the Author

eve silverEve Silver lives with her gamer husband and sons, sometimes in Canada, but often in worlds she dreams up. She loves kayaking and sunshine, dogs and desserts, and books, lots and lots of books. RUSH and PUSH, the first two books in Eve’s new teen series, THE GAME, are available now. Eve also writes books for adults.