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5* Book Review of Lord of Misrule: Revelation by J.S. Hope

Lord of Misrule: Revelation (Volume Two) - JS Hope
Summary: The passion and intrigue continue in New York Times bestseller J.S. Hope's Lord of Misrule serial!

Reporter Alessandra “Alex” Donati is in Venice chasing the story of her career. While the city prepares for the Christmas festivities, Alex is hot on the trail of a group that celebrates a much older – and much darker – festival, one that offers passion and sacrifice in exchange for power and wealth...

Having barely escaped with her life when Paolo Galvan is brutally murdered, Alex finds herself on the run from person or persons unknown. Helping her are the enigmatic Goodfellow brothers, who clearly have secrets of their own. As Alex searches for answers to who, or what, attacked Paolo Galvan, never mind what happened to her friend Gianni, she finds herself pulled deeper into the mystery that surrounds the Saturnalia festival.

Title: Revelation
Series: Lord of Misrule #2
Author: J.S. Hope
Publisher: self
Released: December 2014
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Erotic
Format: eBook
Source: via Author for an honest review - Thank you!

** Please Note: there are spoilers for Lord of Misrule: Ritual contained in this review. **

I was lucky enough to have the second instalment to start straight after Ritual. Revelation continued on from the first and was equally as amazing. Again another well written addictive read that followed the same lines as the first and left me wanting the third.

Alessandra Donati (Alex) was confused and frightened. On the run from “something” Alex stumbled upon the road and a car pulled up. Inside was Cody and he asked if IT was following them? This confused her even more.

Looking out the car window, Alex saw something big and furry running along with the car. Now it was heading straight at her door. BANG! Slamming into the side of their car, it spun out of control.

When Alex came to, her whole body hurt. The car was upside down. She had no idea what was going on or what IT was. Hurling questions at the beast, Alex was trying to get some answers while distracting it.

Cody isn’t who he appears to be, secrets and danger lurking around every corner. Alex plans her escape, but doesn’t realise Cody isn’t the most dangerous thing out there. It appears that during her scuffle with IT, Alex was marked. Does that mean the creature can track her? Sense her? Get inside her head?

All Alex knew was that she needed answers and the only person who might help her was the one she ran away from. Cody Goodfellow.

“My brother and I hunt monsters for a living. Not the human kind.”

A Venetian socialite has been found dead and their prime suspect, the last person to see him alive is Alex. So now Alex is in danger from all over the place, the police, the creature and her boss chasing his story.

Can she find any answers? Are they all related to this cult? Who is Cody Goodfellow and what does he want with Alex? Who is the killer? Where is Gianni?

Another cliffhanger and another exciting read. Ms Hope you are fabulous and I cannot wait for more. Action packed, intrigue, mystery, monsters and a hot sizzling scene all contribute to a quick, fun and electrifying instalment. Bring on number three, Relentless.
5 PAPER HEARTS goodreads


About the Author

J.S. Hope is the pseudonym of two New York Times and USA Today bestselling writers with more than a million books in print between them..