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5* Book Review of Lord of Misrule: Relentless by J.S. Hope

Lord of Misrule: Relentless (Volume Three) - JS Hope
Summary: From New York Times bestseller J. S. Hope comes the third part of her paranormal romance serial, Lord of Misrule!

Reporter Alessandra “Alex” Donati is in Venice chasing the story of her career. While the city prepares for the Christmas festivities, Alex is hot on the trail of a group that celebrates a much older – and much darker – festival, one that offers passion and sacrifice in exchange for power and wealth...

Now wanted for the murder of Paolo Galvan, Alessandra Donati has no choice but to continue her investigation if she wants to clear her name. With the help of the Goodfellow brothers, Cody and Robin, Alex delves deeper in the mystery of the Saturnalia Festival , racing against the clock in her search for answers even as the time for the annual celebration draws near.

Title: Relentless
Series: Lord of Misrule #3
Author: J.S. Hope
Publisher: self
Released: 21st January 2015
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Erotic
Format: eBook
Source: via Author for an honest review - Thank you!

** Please Note: there are spoilers for Lord of Misrule: Ritual and Revelation contained in this review. **

Relentless continues directly after Revelation and is another fantastic instalment. Again addictive and intriguing with action and that ever present hot sizzling scene. Will Alex get her man?

Alexandra Donati (Alex) is still searching for her story, but is now a wanted woman. She is wanted for the murder of Paolo Galvan and Alex is determined to prove her innocence. Knowing she will need assistance, Alex tells the Goodfellow twins everything. They in return share what they’ve been working on and together they have a lot of information.

The Goodfellow twins are certainly behaving like brothers, squabbling and teasing each other. Alex has to physically sit between the brothers in order to get anywhere. Their main suspects are Sebastian Assante, lean, long hair, late 40s to early 50s and Gyre, distinguished, mid 60s, silver hair, cane with silver eagle’s head. They are only a couple amongst a lot of other suspects, all major figures in banking, politics, and you name it they’re a supernatural.

Alex wants to compare her reports with theirs. They create a plan to get her things back and to also check Gianni’s apartment. These twins are certainly handy to have around. Will Alex find anything at Gianni’s apartment? Can Robin get inside her hotel room and retrieve that report? Who really killed Paolo Galvan? Will Alex get her story in the end?

What an action packed episode and full on fun. Another addictive and fabulously written instalment with mystery, a lot of different point of views and it left me wanting the next. This series is a must read for a quick, hot and mysterious fantasy that has it all.
5 PAPER HEARTS goodreads


About the Author

J.S. Hope is the pseudonym of two New York Times and USA Today bestselling writers with more than a million books in print between them..