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5* Book Review of Lord of Misrule: Rapture by J.;S. Hope

Lord of Misrule: Rapture (Volume 4) - JS Hope
Summary: From New York Times bestseller J. S. Hope comes the fourth part of her paranormal romance serial, Lord of Misrule!

Reporter Alessandra "Alex" Donati is in Venice chasing the story of her career. While the city prepares for the Christmas festivities, Alex is hot on the trail of a group that celebrates a much older - and much darker - festival, one that offers passion and sacrifice in exchange for power and wealth...

Returning from their impromptu raid of the local police precinct, the Goodfellows discover that Alex has vanished, seemingly into thin air.  Afraid for their friend's life, they set out to discover what happened to her and in the process take the battle directly to the enemy.

Alex, meanwhile, finds herself an unexpected "guest" of Sebastian Assante, who makes her an offer - attend the Festival as his honored guest so she can see for herself exactly what its all about.  It's an offer she can't refuse and soon she finds herself caught up in the passion and spectacle that the centuries-old event uses to snare the unwary....

Title: Rapture
Series: Lord of Misrule #4
Author: J.S. Hope
Publisher: self
Released: 28th February 2015
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Erotic
Format: eBook
Source: via Author for an honest review - Thank you!

** Please Note: there are spoilers for Lord of Misrule: Ritual, Revelation and Relentless contained in this review. **

Rapture, well I was certainly raptured with this one. Getting closer to the end of the series and still so much is happening. It seems Cody is determined to save Alex, they have developed some feelings after their encounter. So another fabulously action packed episode and the heat increases and the intrigue builds. I’ve certainly added J.S. Hope to my favourites list and look forward to the finale of Lord of Misrule and what comes next.

The Goodfellow brothers are on the hunt, chasing down leads and clues to find the location of this year’s Festival. Knowing their time is running out, they turn up the heat and their actions become more physical.

Alex seems to be making a deal with the devil himself. She may finally get the answers about the Festival up close and personal, but at what cost? Her first encounter with Sebastian Assante and she’s having difficulty looking for clues or proof for her innocence and her story. The scene around her has Alex captivated, everything forgotten but the feeling inside her body.

The Goodfellow twins discover there are supernaturals around every corner, but will they make it to Alex before it’s too late? Where is the Festival being held this year? Has Cody fallen for Alex? Will Alex fall under Sebastian’s spell and forget why she’s really there?

What an ending! This is a fascinating series and I would love them to be a little longer. Only because I want more of these fantastic characters and more sizzling scenes between them. I NEED Reckoning now, have to find out what happens. The final instalment will be amazing, everything will come together and we’ll finally find out what really happens at the Festival and if Alex will come out alive. Truly all erotic readers need to pick up this quick series, it’s just a lot of fun, action packed and intriguing. Quick grab the first for free.
5 PAPER HEARTS goodreads


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About the Author

J.S. Hope is the pseudonym of two New York Times and USA Today bestselling writers with more than a million books in print between them..