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5* Book Review of Reap by Tillie Cole

Reap: A Scarred Souls Novel - Tillie Cole

Reap by Tillie Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’d had Raze on my Kindle for almost twelve months, but when Reap was offered for review, well I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read the first two in the series and OMG what an addictive and intriguing series. It’s totally different from anything I’ve ever read. Ms Cole is a fabulous writer and pulled me into the world of the Russian mafia and the scarred souls within. After reading the first, I couldn’t help but pick up the second as soon as I’d finished. This is a definite favourite and I cannot wait for the next one, Ravage that is due out in August this year.

The Georgians, the Russians and the Italians are at war. The Russians have claim over New York and the Georgian’s plan on bringing the Volkov’s down. They’ve created a drug that has a 100% success rate with total obedience with their fighters/slaves. It not only keeps them hyped, but puts a block around their memories, their past; 221 is the prime example of full obedience.

Luka Tolstoi is the Russian mafia prince and is struggling with life. With the season just beginning in the Dungeon, the cage fights are like a drug to him, but Luka can only watch. He only has one focus and that’s on seeking vengeance for his friend 362, as promised. The guilt and nightmares are getting worse, but with his girl by his side, Kisa Volkova, he is just barely coping.

Now, Talia Tolstaia is Luka’s sister. Her duty is recruiting sponsors for the Dungeon and finding the best fighters. She’s never failed, season after season. Beginning to burn out, Talia has planned a vacation away from everything and everyone. But when she’s trying to relax at the Tolstoi country estate, her vacation turns into a nightmare and then into an erotic dream.

A HUGE naked, unconscious man is being held in her basement. Talia’s curiosity gets the better of her and she ventures into the basement. He’s covered in strange marking and scars and when she learns who he truly is, well she’s horrified. 221 is her family’s worst enemy and he’s the only man Talia think about.

Talia began watching 221 via security cameras. She became obsessed and after two weeks of being weaned off the drugs, he stopped moving, breathing. She ventured down to the basement to check on him and that was the day everything changed.

Talia has gone against everything she had ever been told about their sworn enemy, but she is drawn to 221 and their connection cannot be denied. Will they be able to overcome their ancestors war? Will everyone accept their obvious bond? Will they be able to prove that 221 isn’t the devil incarnate they all believe he is?

Reap is one emotional rollercoaster. Talia and Luka both discover their strength and show where their loyalties lie. Finding their soulmate is a sure-fire way to find happiness, but it could also cause a rift between families and perhaps even a war. This is one highly recommended dark romance for all that are chasing something different and want to experience all emotions within one book.

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