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Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I have read a lot about Shatter Me and nothing has been bad. I was extremely excited to read this series and ended up with 3 copies of Shatter Me. I had won a copy in paperback, bought a copy just before I won the paperback and then found the lovely Australian windblown Juliette cover on eBook from GoogleBooks. I ended up giving a copy to my Mum, because I LOVED this book so much and had to share the excitement. Ms Mafi has such a unique writing style, I was a little confused to start with the crossing out of the words, but when I got into the story, MAN it couldn’t put it down and read it in a day.Juliette has been confined and is a danger to everybody around her. For 264 days, she hasn’t touched another living soul. During her brief excursions to shower, there are no lights and she has to feel her way to the bathroom and be quick about it. Everything is in the dark, until one day, Juliette gets a roommate. Juliette is petrified of her roommate; will Adam come near her and test if she can still harm them? She refuses to go too close to him, but when it comes time to shower, she has to show him the ropes so to speak. Without touching his skin, Juliette guides him in the darkness to the showers and tells him to be quick before the doors lock again.The next day, their door is opened and officers come in demanding answers; Juliette doesn’t know what they want and after threatening Adam, Juliette goes with them. The Reestablishment wants to use Juliette as a weapon; with just one touch she can kill a person.Going from a small cell into a mansion with a wonderful bed and wonderful clothes, Juliette doesn’t know who to trust or if she can escape. Will she allow them to use her as a weapon? Warner is the bully, the bad buy, the evil incarnate that is holding Juliette captive in a mansion. He is only 19 years old, but he knows what he wants and it is Juliette.Can Juliette escape from the mansion? Where will she go? Can she survive without touching anybody? What about Adam, is he a bad guy?This book is amazing and has everything. I don’t want to give away much because it is a must read to all. The world that Ms Mafi has created is amazing and Juliette’s character is strong and vulnerable, but is so determined and I love her will for survival. Shatter Me has everything, romance, action, betrayal, loyalty and a unique world building experience that I couldn’t put it down and cannot wait to read Unravel Me. The ending was fantastic and left me wanting more. THIS IS CERTAINLY A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ!