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The Breakaway

The Breakaway - Michelle D. Argyle I hadn’t read any of Michelle’s books previous to reading this series and I have to say I am hooked on Michelle Davidson Argyle’s writing style and ability to keep me hooked while reading her books. The Breakaway was so addictive I didn’t want to put it down, it was so intriguing and Naomi was such a strong character, that I just had to know if she escapes.Naomi is almost finished school and thinking of college. She has had a boyfriend, Brad for a few years and together they are inseparable. Naomi’s family is wealthy and she has never had to want for anything. Her Mother and Father are so busy working that they don’t even seem to know she exists. Brought up by Nannies and only used at business functions for photos, they don’t really have anything to do with each other.Naomi is a photographer and one particular night, she was excited about taking photos of a fog that rolled in. In a park with Brad late this night, she is hit by a car; unable to see much she didn’t know the car was coming. The next thing Naomi is waking up in a hotel room. Naomi is kidnapped!With Naomi’s non-existent family life and Brad being an abusive boyfriend (which Naomi doesn’t realise until it’s too late), Naomi doesn’t really have anything to go back to. Follow Naomi as she struggles with her emotions, mental stability and fears. She is moved from the hotel to a house and living with a married couple, Jesse and Eric. Jesse and Eric are the kidnappers, but the couple are also accomplices. Thinking they can all live a happy family life forever as long as Naomi doesn’t attempt to escape. With her fear firmly set in place, Naomi bides her time before she tries to escape. During her captivity, she found a soul mate in Jesse, even though he helped kidnap her, they are bonding over their love of books and Jesse tries to protect Naomi from Eric.Naomi is diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrome, falling in love with her kidnapper. She is distraught being separated from Jesse and her life in the house. But she will need to face her fears and try to accept that her parents love her and always have.This is a fantastic read and I loved it. The writing style was fast paced and easily read; with the pages urging you to keep turning in order find out what happens. Will Naomi escape and does Jesse return her love? This is definitely a must read. I cannot wait to read book 2, Pieces.