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Moonset (Legacy of Moonset Series #1)

Moonset - Scott Tracey I haven’t read anything written by Scott Tracey previous to Moonset, but I definitely will be reading Witch Eyes as soon as I can. Mr Tracey has an amazing writing style that is so easy to read with such a great flow that you don’t realise how fast the pages are turning. The characters of this book are amazing and so vast that you can’t help but relate to some of their attitude quirks and urge them to become more mature and fight for their own life.Moonset is a coven of witches and this particular coven has only teenagers as its members. Years ago there was a conflict between the covens and Moonset lost. They were classed as terrorists and it was believed they wanted to open the door to the darkness and the demons. As a side effect of this conflict, the only surviving members were the children. Malcolm (eldest), Jenna and Justin (twins, but to different Mothers), Cole and Bailey (she is the youngest). These 5 siblings, not by blood, but still family all the same, have been together and moved together ever since their parents died. Every time they start a new school, Jenna or Cole cause trouble and they get moved again. Jenna caused mayhem and confusion at this school and Cole helped, their guardians come and take them out of school when a wraith comes to capture the siblings.Justin is almost caught, but since the children are cursed, he couldn’t be harmed and the wraith was eventually destroyed. This is just the beginning of the trouble that seems to follow the Moonset kids around.Their next move is to Carrow Hill, the beginning and the end of the Moonset Legacy. It seems this was where their parents came from and where trouble comes to a climax. Starting a new school, Justin decides it is time to meet a girl. Ash is strong willed and bold, she tells Justin what and when, he is attracted to her straight away.There seems to be a conspiracy and the Moonset kids are the bait. There is a warlock in town and the only way to find out who he is, is to use the kids and blame them for the trouble. Can Justin work out who is behind all the trouble in town? Can he work out who can be trusted and what the mysterious symbol means? Can the siblings still trust one another? Who or what is Ash? Who are all these people?From the first pages I was hooked, this story about witches and magic was so very intriguing and mysterious. I was kept guessing the whole time and still there are answers that I need. I cannot wait for book 2 and loved that this was another awesome read from a male’s point of view. Full to the brim with intrigue, betrayal, secrets, mystery and romance, Mr Tracey has thought of everything. I highly recommend this to all young adult readers, such a fun action packed read.Favourite part:“Am I supposed to be scare of you? Cole laughed – laughed! At the wraith. “You should see Jenna without makeup. That’s scary.”“You look like Betty White’s grandmother,” Cole called. “And you smell like a Kardashian.”~ loc 285 8%