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Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins This book is absolutely fabulous. I had heard so many fantastic reviews and it took me a long time to actually get around to reading it, but MAN I am hooked on Stephanie Perkins now. Anna and the French Kiss was such a fast paced and addictive read that I just had to know what happened; would Anna and Etienne St Clair finally get together? Ms Perkins style of writing was fabulous and this book is on my list as an all-time favourites.Anna's world is turned upside down when her Father decides to send her to an American school in Paris. It is apparently the thing to do for rich and prestigious; send their child to a school in another country. So Anna has to leave her life behind and her friends and start a new school in a foreign country where she doesn't speak their language. Talk about a little daunting!Everything is going smoothly; she meets Meredith next door who introduces Anna to a new group of friends and seems to fit in nicely. Getting to know the dynamics of the group, who is dating who, etc., Anna carry's on. Anna and Etienne seem to get thrown together and knowing he has had a serious girlfriend for years, she tries to not think about him romantically. It is very difficult though, Etienne is so very good looking, witty, charming, an Englishman and very sought after throughout the school.The more time they spend together, Anna and Etienne’s feelings increase all the more. Etienne takes Anna sightseeing and to some glorious places, but the air is so thick with tension and they try to ignore their feelings.Anna’s life back home is non-existent anymore. Her best friend since childhood is being vague and she feels like something funny is going on. All the while Etienne and Anna are spending more and more time together and getting into situations that they shouldn’t.Can Anna and Etienne get it together? What about her other friends, will they be ok with them sneaking behind their backs? What about Etienne’s long-time girlfriend? Where will the crush that Meredith has on Etienne come in?This is such a sweet, romantic and fun read that I highly recommend to all readers. I loved all the flirting, the vivid descriptions of Paris and the characters. You can sit by and watch as Anna grows into a woman, fighting her fears and becoming an independent woman; making hard decisions even if it means breaking her heart. Fabulous fabulous book!