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Surface - Tiffany Daune I really enjoyed reading Surface by Tiffany Daune. I haven’t read a mermaid book before, but have a few on my TBR list. I found the writing style to be fantastic and so easy to read that the pages turned by themselves. The beginning was extremely intriguing and held me captive until the end. I am definitely a new fan of Ms Daune’s and can’t wait for her next book, Landlocked in June 2013.My first thought was “what is Theia?” Everything was happening and I was kept guessing until the story unfolded. Theia has no idea what she is or where she belongs and has been living a relatively normal life. Her Father died when she was little and Theia cannot remember him very well, but can always associate the water with him. She is always drawn to the water and has always been a part of the swim team at school.Theia is kidnapped and dumped in the ocean. Struggling to stay afloat, she is yanked under the surface and is faced with a creature that is tearing her apart. Worried about sharks being attracted to her blood and these unknown strange creatures, Theia is resolved to dying. She is rescued and when she awakes, she’s in a strange environment. Luc rescued her and has been watching over her. He explains that Theia is below the surface and because she is breathing under the water that she is the same as him. But that’s not the case!Theia is a SIREN! She is a forbidden creature and one that is in grave danger. There are so many secrets and people hiding that Theia has no idea who is a mermaid or a siren or something else. Luc tries to explain his world and what exactly Theia is supposed to be, but it isn’t pretty. The creatures that attacked her are known as mermaids; horribly scary and dangerous (remind me of the mermaids in the lake in Harry Potter). Luc is an Artagasian, a being that lives under the surface in a cave like community, but has a human body appearance. They are able to breathe in water, taking oxygen from the water itself. The more time Luc and Theia spend together, they are extremely attracted and falling for each other. Forbidden love is what they have, but their love for each other has been written in the stars.Can Theia make it back to the surface safe? What about her kidnappers, will they try again? Will she discover the truth about her parents and her life? Can Luc and Theia really love each other and be together? There is so much to this book and it has everything you need for a fantastic series; intrigue galore, betrayal, love, secrets, hot boys, fun and mythical creatures. There are a lot of answers I am still chasing and I cannot wait for Landlocked to see what happens. What happened to Theia’s Mother during the kidnapping and why is everybody hiding the truth? This book was a great introduction to the series and the world of the Artagasian’s; with such a unique mermaid tale, you can’t go wrong.