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Book Review of Addicted to You by Krista & Becc Ritchie

Addicted to You (Addicted, #1) -  Becca Ritchie, Krista Ritchie

I was excited to start this series, the synopsis really drew me in and I am now definitely addicted. Addicted to You is book one in the Addicted series and was a fantastic beginning. Krista and Becca Ritchie have such a wonderful style of writing that I just couldn’t put this book down. The intriguing premise and realistic issues dealt within were fascinating. Living with addiction is a tough subject and the minute details put the reader inside Lily’s head.


Twenty year old Lily Calloway is having very personal issues and does not know what she can do to fix things. Lily has an addiction and the only way to stave off her symptoms is by having one night stands constantly. When she isn’t with a man, she is helping herself and has many methods and props.


Loren Hale has been friends with Lily since they were young children. They know each other inside and out, from living at each other’s house and discovering their addictions at the beginning. Loren also has an addiction, alcoholism. To help cover up their addictions together, they are pretending to be a romantic couple; living together, going to college together, partying together, you name it, but this is only for the family. Secretly they assist each other’s addiction.


Loren is hardly ever sober and nobody really knows how bad his addiction is until things get out of hand with Lily and their feelings towards each other turns serious.


Lily is seriously embarrassed about her addiction and doesn’t know if there is any help available for her. How can she be addicted to THAT? She has hidden this problem from her family for so long that she wouldn’t even know how to tell them now.


Lily gets assistance from Connor for college tutoring and after an incident at a party also befriends Ryke. These two men seem to have inserted themselves into Lily and Loren’s life and they are surprised at how nice it is to have normal friends that know the truth.


Going on a yacht with Lily’s family for the weekend, is something that will test their fake relationship. But when Lily starts making eyes at the waiter, Loren turns a bit green with jealousy. A decision is made that they will try at being a real couple and helping each other with the addictions.


Can Loren really satisfy Lily’s needs? Will Loren tone down his drinking a little to help Lily? Can they really be happy together as a real couple?


Connor and Ryke have realised that Loren has a serious problem and are determined to help him, but they don’t realise that Lily has an addiction as well. While tyring their hardest to get Loren to realise his addiction and that he needs to go to rehab, it doesn’t work and they still end up partying hard. After a dangerous situation for Lily, it finally sinks in a little that he may have a problem and is contemplating going to rehab. But what about Lily’s addiction, will she be ok if Loren is gone? Can they still be a couple if they are separated to both get the help they need? Will Lily finally confide in somebody that she is also an addict?


Absolutely amazing! Every aspect of this book was fabulous, down to the details of Lily’s toys and TV material to her companions; plus having to deal with Loren’s drunkenness and making sure he hasn’t died in the process. The responsibility this couple shares is highly unusual and the twisty paths they take with the surprises makes a bizarre but incredible read. I highly recommend this book to all adult readers that like fun, toys, romance and family drama. 


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