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Undressed - Avery Aster After reading Unscrupulous I just had to pick up Undressed to uncover Lex’s story. I am thoroughly enjoying Ms Aster’s series and love her writing style. There is a very easy flow with a lot of excitement and energy that I am kept on the edge wanting to know more. As with Unscrupulous, there are some naughty scenes, but the overall book revolves around romance with Lex and her life as the daughter of an infamous rock star.Alexandra Easton or better known as Lex is the daughter of rock stars Eddie and Birdie Easton. Her whole life she has been trying to keep out of the spotlight and to be known for herself and not as just the daughter of the rock star. When Lex was younger, she used to deal with stress and anxiety with food. Being a little chubby Lex was ridiculed and tormented in the tabloids.Lex discovered her love for fashion at a young age and with the help of her best friend Taddy Brill, she started her own fashion label, Easton Essentials. Now a roaring success (kind of) the New York City fashion show was coming up and Lex was waiting on her fabrics to arrive from Girasoli’s. Cutting it fine, she travels to the owner of Girasoli, Prince Massimo Tittoni.Prince Massimo hasn’t had an easy life either. His Mother died when he was young and his Father kept him at a distance and after a disagreement, his Father left for America. Prince Massimo was left the fabric company Girasoli’s and has turned it around to a multi-million dollar company. Living the life of a Prince can be exhausting and the tabloids have dubbed him as a playboy. Lex has seen the rumours about the Prince and wasn’t really looking forward to meeting him in person, but determined to get her fabrics and have a successful show she must talk face to face. Prince Massimo didn’t want to see Lex, but she just walked in to gain his attention. Lex is showing confidence and beauty and Massimo doesn’t believe she is capable of running a successful business. Agreeing to have dinner, they argue and flirt; Lex is told some horrible things about her business and they agree to disagree. Massimo has asked Lex to stay the week and discuss the details of her order. Having no choice, Lex is stuck on the island with this very disagreeable, but very hot Prince.Lex and Massimo head off to a Fashion Ball in Milan and they are the talk of the town. Being in the spotlight is hard for Lex to handle, but she has no choice. Massimo is starting to care for Lex, but cannot allow his heart to fall for her after being hurt in the past. Lex also doesn’t want to fall for a playboy that could leave her high and dry. Attending another fashion event, they are both excited to attend. Spending time with each other was becoming even more exciting and after some canoodling there is an altercation with a couple of con artists.With bad publicity all over the world, Lex runs home hurt and broken. Returning to her friends for help, they are determined to turn Lex’s life around. Will her show be a success? Will she be able to get the designs put together in time? Can Lex face the the paparazzi, interviews, etc unscathed? What will Massimo do now Lex is gone? Can he recover from the guilt for the pain he has caused Lex? Can they be together even though they are from different worlds?Undressed is another successful instalment in The Manhattanites series. I really enjoyed the insight into Lex’s past and to see her determination to succeed. With a strange relationship with her Mother, they overcome obstacles to get the job done when it’s needed. Taddy is still my favourite character so far in this series, but Lex’s beauty and love for fashion are admirable. I cannot wait to read number 3 in the series, Unsaid, due out in November with Blake’s story.