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Island Girls - Nancy Thayer Wow, Island Girls was fabulous. This was the first Nancy Thayer book I’ve read, but gee whiz, it certainly won’t be the last. I was completely addicted to Island Girls and couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen to these three women. Ms Thayer has a wonderful style of writing and with each passing chapter, the more I fell into their world. This contemporary was a shining light in my otherwise fantasy covered reading.Rory Randall was known as a lover of women. He couldn’t seem to stop finding wives and with each new wife, a child was introduced. With wife number one Nora, Arden was created, a small time celebrity with her own Lifestyle show and a very successful Mother in the real estate game. A few years later, wife number two came along, Cyndi and they created Meg. Meg is an English teacher working on becoming a Professor at a college. Number three, Justine had a daughter already; Rory loved Jenny as if she was his and adopted her. Jenny is a successful Tech consultant on and off the Island. So he has three daughters to different women, every summer they would come together at the house on Lily Street, Nantucket. Justine didn’t really know how to deal with a teenage Arden and from that summer forward, Arden and Meg were exiled from the house. Jenny grew up with Rory and Justine in the Nantucket house, never really getting to see her step-sisters again. From that day forward they never contacted each other or got along.Years later, they have continued on with life and become successful. Each woman receives a phone call from their respective Mother’s. Rory has died suddenly. Everybody is devastated, not really believing he could really be gone. But according to his will, the daughters have to live in the house on Nantucket for the whole summer in order to receive a third of the sale as inheritance.Each woman has their own insecurities and living with each other again, if only for three months, they must confront them and try to get along. Without realising what they are doing, they seem to be helping each other through their insecurities; but still holding onto the grudge that kept them apart for so many years.Jenny introduces Arden around at local parties and Arden works on having her TV show do a series on the houses at the island. Arden also meets another celebrity, Palmer White; she believes him to be arrogant and self-centred.Jenny has always wondered who her biological Father was and is fighting with herself whether to find out.Meg has body and self-confidence issues. Has a college Professor colleague that is showing interest, but because Liam is younger, Meg cannot believe he would be really interested in her.Can these three very different women overcome their insecurities, family issues and truly be sisters? Will they discover that family loyalty can become a reality even though their Father is gone? Will they all find true love during their summer of reminiscing? What about the Mother’s, can they overcome their hatred for each other?I highly recommend Island Girls to anybody who needs a light-hearted romance that has a little bit of everything. I found myself crying, laughing and OMGing throughout this intriguing book. Follow along with the Randall daughter’s as they discover secrets and share memories with each other in hopes of bonding or becoming friends.