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What Endures - Katie   Lee I thoroughly enjoyed reading What Endures. It was a heart-warming and emotional read that kept me engaged and wondering if they would stay together. This is a debut for Katie Lee and I have to say it was fantastically written. I cannot wait to read what Ms Lee offers up next.After having a car accident, Jason wakes up in a hospital and has a big block in his memories from the past 15 years. Jason is an all-star outfielder for the Seattle Mariners and was in the prime of his life.Megan is beside herself with worry, being at Jason’s bedside and talking to him when he wakes was overwhelming. He has forgotten their relationship and his love for her. He has lost the most crucial moments in their life and my never get them back. How can Megan continue being with Jason when he doesn’t even remember they were/are together? She doesn’t want Jason to feel obligated to care for her again, so she is keeping her distance.With a long recovery and physical therapy plan ahead of them, Megan moves out of their home and hires around the clock nurses to ensure Jason is taken care of. She doesn’t want to put pressure on his memories in case they crash back into his head. But Megan is drawn to him and they have been friends since childhood; she cannot deny him anything.When Jason keeps getting rid of his nurses, no other choice is given; Megan has to take matters into her own hands. Being with Jason is frustrating and painful; the memories that she holds and he doesn’t causes complications and heartache. They decide to work on being friends again and start slowly.Baseball is all Jason has ever known and he doesn’t remember being in the major league, all he remembers is his teenage years and the relationship with his step-brother and father are not pleasant. Jason doesn’t know what he wants and both Jason and Megan have changed since the accident. Can Jason return to baseball and find his rhythm again? Will he regain his memories? What about his relationship with his Father? Can Jason and Megan discover their love all over again and not make the same mistakes?What Endures show what a couple can endure for love and learning continually those relationships are fragile and always changing. This was a great read with an unusual premise that really hit the mark.