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My Favorite Mistake  - Chelsea M. Cameron After reading Ms Cameron’s Deeper We Fall series during a blog tour, I just had to read this book when I found it on NetGalley. Deeper We Fall was absolutely fantastic and My Favorite Mistake was also fantastic. Ms Cameron’s writing style was wonderful, the easy flow and strong characters urged me on to keep turning the pages. Highly addictive!Taylor Caldwell is a 19 year old in her second year of college. Moving in with a couple of friends from her previous year, a fourth mystery roommate is yet to arrive. Renee and Darah have been roommates before, so they are sharing a room in the apartment, which means that Taylor will share with the newby. A knock on the door and the new roommate arrives, only it isn’t a girl, but an annoyingly smug looking male.Enter Hunter Zaccadeli! Taylor can spot a tattoo, a guitar case and good looks, this means trouble. No way was Taylor going to have a boy as a roommate; this has to be a mistake and a big one. Taylor tried getting a hold of housing, but they were not open, she will have to put up with him for at least one night.Hunter Zaccadeli is a 20 year old in college and has been placed in an apartment with three other girls. Not his most desired situation, but with one look at Taylor and her attitude when he knocked on the door, well, Hunter was up for the challenge.One thing Hunter didn’t expect though was being punched and kicked. Gee whiz, Taylor has a fantastic right hook. Taylor is a very angry young lady and has obviously got some secrets of her own, but Hunter is determined to break down her walls and get to know her.Taylor’s parents divorced when she was 13 and she has an older sister, Tawny. What happened that she is so angry and she keeps the secret closed away from anyone? But what Taylor finds out about Hunter, is that he has his own horrible secret. They are a match, both broken and have built walls around their hearts.Can they break down each other’s walls? Will they share their secrets with each other? What is so horrible that they both have night terrors? What is it that seems to have ruined their chance for love?I love Hunter’s persistence to annoy, torment and slowly get to know Taylor and her quirkiness. He has many talents and Taylor gets to witness the fun that is Hunter. Taylor is a strong willed girl that doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone, though her aggression is a little disturbing, I still liked her no holds barred attitude. The intrigue with the secrets and the many talents that Hunter shows, certainly kept me entertained from beginning to end. I will definitely be picking up My Sweetest Escape and any other New Adult books from Ms Cameron. Loved it.