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Pure  - Julianna Baggott Wow, I absolutely loved this book. It was amazing and so original. I had been hearing and reading so many wonderful reviews about this book and ended up borrowing it from the library. Pure kept me glued to the pages and addicted to find out what was going to happen to Pressia, Partridge and Bradwell. The writing style of Ms Baggott was amazing to say the least, the easy flow and minute detailing; I could really see the story unravelling.Pressia is a 16 year old Wretch and after “the end” nothing is the same. Everybody is changed and injured and because of the explosion, whatever or whoever you were touching or close by fused to your body. Presssia was holding onto her doll & she has the dolls heads fused to her hand. She is a lucky one really compared to some of the others. Some have glass imbedded in their skin from windows or metal from buildings or even perhaps animals. It was a horrible and cruel world and surviving was a daily struggle. You never knew if you would be attacked by other savage wretches or taken by the OSR (operation sacred revolution).Pressia lives with her Grandfather, the only living relative she has. They hide out in the back of his Barber shop and have a plan that will allow Pressia to hide from the OSR when they come for her. She cannot remember her parents very well and is not really sure what is real or a dream anymore.Then there is the Dome. Where the Pure’s live and where one day, they will come out to save them all. Pure’s are people that were inside the dome during the explosion and are fully human, with no fused parts. This is where Partridge lived and he knew there was something going on outside the dome that he needed to find. His Mother is believed to have died outside the Dome, but Partridge finds some clues that may contradict that detail. The Dome is known as a sanctuary, but is it really?Partridge takes his time to organise himself and figure out the best way to escape the Dome. Nobody has ever escaped before, of course their soldiers have left to investigate outside, but nobody has ever really wanted to leave the safety of the Dome. Sure, the Dome isn’t perfect; they have the education and are trained for specific purposes. But who would really want to live outside with the Wretches….Bradwell is another survivor from outside, another wretch, but the OSR and everybody thought he is dead. Using this secret to his advantage, Bradwell holds meetings and tries to help keep hope alive.Partridge escapes the Dome and Pressia stumbled upon him being attacked by wretches. She helps him to scare them off and together they go to Bradwell for help. The three join together to find answers and to seek out Partridge’s Mother, if she is alive. They want to discover who is responsible for the end of the world and to help find a solution to the short supply of food and medicines.What secrets does Partridge’s Mother hold? Who really are Pressia’s parents? Why would the three help each other when they are all so different? What sacrifices will need to be endured in order to find answers? Will they all survive their investigations?There are so many different layers to this book and so many twists and turns along the way. I was surprised with the changing paths and left hanging for Fuse at the end. This is one amazing book and a fantastic start to a fantastic series. There are still so many questions unanswered and I cannot wait to pick up Fuse to discover the answers. This post-apocalyptic dark at times book is a definite must read to all young adult readers who are looking for something different and adventurous.