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Ink - Amanda Sun I hadn’t read anything by Amanda Sun previously and I will now be adding her to my auto-buy list. I absolutely loved Ink. The premise was so unique, the world she has created full of intrigue, romance and the magic of the ink. I really enjoyed the writing style also and was addicted; I just had to find out what was going on with the Ink and what part Katie had with the gods.Katie Greene had to move to Japan and live with her Aunt. Her Father is non-existent and her Mother died eight months ago. Her Grandfather is still recovering from cancer treatment, so her only option was to live with her Aunt. Not that she is complaining, much! Not knowing the language and culture, she had to learn on the go. Katie is just biding her time until her Grandfather is well enough to look after her, she doesn’t want to be here in Japan.She has made a couple of friends and a couple of enemies. Enter bad boys, Tomohiro Yuu and Ishikawa. There is something intriguing about Tomohiro, they have a connection for some reason and Katie seems to think she has seen his drawings move, but that is just plain crazy. Right?!? Tomohiro tries to get Katie to back off and have nothing to do with him, but this only makes Katie more interested in getting to the bottom of these mysterious drawings.Becoming a Nancy Drew, Katie follows Tomohiro and discovers his secret hiding place where Tomo likes to draw in peace. Tomo is resigned to the fact that he cannot escape Katie and gives in to her curiosity. He tells her his secrets, but doesn’t understand why Katie is affecting his control over the ability. Tomo’s friend Ishikawa has warned Katie off and tried to scare her, but with their connection, Katie cannot be without Tomo and doesn’t listen. Ishikawa is in the Japanese mafia and this brings danger upon them all. Tomo’s secret isn’t so secret and danger ensues.Katie didn’t want to be in Japan to begin with, but now she doesn’t know if she wants to leave. Her heart seems to belong with Tomo now, but with all the danger surrounding her, she doesn’t know what to do or where to go.What is Katie’s connection with the Gods and being able to see the ink move? Did her Mother truly suddenly die like they say? Can Tomo and Katie stay together safely? What will Katie choose, stay or leave Japan and Tomo?I loved everything about this book, the twists and turns around the characters. The fun attitude and personality of Yuki lightens the whole book. And I cannot forget the ending; I certainly do not want to wait until March next year to read Rain, but anxious anticipation I certainly will have. Highly recommend this to young adult fantasy readers, loved it.