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Uninvited (South Hills Sidekicks, #1) - Leah Spiegel,  Megan Summers I absolutely adored this book and the beginning to the South Hills Sidekicks series. It was such fun and the characters were so fantastic that I couldn’t put it down. I had a little trepidation when I went to start the book, but as soon as I turned the first page I was hooked on the fun and unique world that these two wonderful ladies have created. The style of writing they have attributed to Uninvited was fabulous and like so funny.Alley has started her senior year at Upper East High with her best friend since grade 3, Val. Since Val is in with the popular clique, Alley is automatically included as well. The rest of the group includes Kirsten the Queen, Kayla and Libby, plus a bunch of boyfriends. First day and Kirsten introduces the group to a newbie, Shane. It is quite unusual for a new kid to be included in the popular group, but Kirsten knows him from somewhere or other and gives him the recommendation to join them.Kirsten was turning eighteen and planning to have a big party to celebrate, that afternoon, the girls were going dress shopping to help Kirsten find a dress for her party. Everybody turned up at the dress shop except Kirsten. Something is wrong, Kirsten isn’t answering her phone and nobody seems to know where she is. The girls just assume she is with her boyfriend and will talk to her tomorrow.Tomorrow it is confirmed, Kirsten is missing. She didn’t turn up for school and didn’t go home last night; her car is still in the school parking lot. Now Val is extremely upset as are the rest of the group and after speaking with the police, they hope she is found soon.Val and Alley have some suspicions about Shane being behind the kidnapping. He turns up the day Kirsten disappeared and they were acting a little weird at lunch, something just seems off with Shane. Val is determined to get to the bottom of it, when the police seem to push their ideas out the window. Val is scheming and has decided that the girls will help her uncover Shane’s secret and find Kirsten.Val is known as a ditzy klutz and nobody seems to be taking her very seriously, but the girls follow along with her plans and get themselves into all sorts of mischief. The police seem to think it could be somebody at school and this puts more suspicion on Shane.Will they really be able to find Kirsten? What is Shane’s secret? Is there something going on between Shane and Alley? Are the alibi’s true for the group’s boyfriends on that night? Everything comes to a head when Val decides to have a party. Follow along with Val, Alley, Libby and Kayla as they try to solve the mystery of their missing friend. It is a lot of fun and I was laughing out loud quite a lot with the humorous outbursts from Alley towards Shane. I loved this book so much that afterwards I had to grab book 2, Confiscated and 3, Compromised so I can find out what antics the group get up to next. This is definitely a favourite of mine for this year. I highly recommend to all young adult readers that are looking for a light hearted, fun and intriguing read.