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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa This is another fantastic instalment from Ms Kagawa in the Blood of Eden series. The Eternity Cure is a full on adventure and Allie is a fantastic character. As with all of Ms Kagawa’s books, I love the writing style, so easy to read and addictive and this one is no exception to that rule.Allie survived her meeting with her blood brother, Jackal and is now having nightmares when she sleeps, but they aren’t true nightmares, they are visions of what Kanin is enduring while in the evil hands of Sarren. Allie can feel the pull of her Sire and after leaving Zeke, she is now determined to find Kanin and rescue him from the torturing hands of Sarren.Following the pull between them, Allie travels surviving off thugs and baddies that she finds along the way. The pull is taking Allie to Old D.C. and once she gets inside the fences, she doesn’t find Kanin waiting for her, but somebody that she thought she left behind. They form a pact and decide to call a truce to their fighting, wanting to find Kanin together and discover a cure for Rabidism. Allie decides not to trust him, but figures two is better than one when confronting the likes of Sarren.After a close call with the Rabids in Old D.C., the pair travels back to where it all began, New Covington. Allie is a little apprehensive of returning to where she was born twice and doesn’t really want to go back. Following protocol and trying to be good vampires, they go to check in with the Prince of New Covington. Finding that things have changed, the Fringe is no longer safe to humans or vampires. It appears a new strain of the virus has been released and is creating a new version of rabids, bleeders. These crazy psychotic humans tear their own flesh and try to eat anything they can catch before dying. Having to go underground, they find a guide through the sewers and into the City to see the Prince.Allie cannot be sure who to trust anymore, can she really trust the Prince even though they both want the same thing? Finding betrayal in the Prince’s tower and love, Allie doesn’t know what she will do, but the only thing she does know is that a cure must be found to stop the bleeders virus from spreading. With no humans, the vampire race cannot survive either.Will they find a cure for rabidism or the bleeders? Does one really exist? Can Allie find Kanin and stop Sarren from destroying him for good? Can a vampire have a broken heart? What will the next adventure be for Allie?I really enjoyed the twists and the unexpected turns along Allie’s journey. She really did mature in this one and learned from some of her mistakes, but the biggest lesson of all is to come. She had so many questions that she hasn’t gotten the answers to; she was a little annoying about her feelings and the indecision, but I still love her. Allie has such an attitude and I love her cheekiness when she tries to talk herself out of situations. I cannot wait to read book 3, The Forever Song that will come out next year (a whole year to wait, aarrrggghh!)