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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa I absolutely love Julie Kagawa and her writing style. Her style is unbelievably easy to read and so addictive. The Iron Fey series are fabulous; I have read three books in that series and will get to the others soon hopefully. The characters in The Immortal Rules are very complex and Allison is so loveable, I really want to help her and watch her grow with each instalment.Allison was born in New Covington in a world where vampires rule and humans are just food. Living in the Fringe, Allie and her motley gang scavenge for food during the day and hide at night to avoid the vampires. Living in an abandoned school, Allie and her friend Stick try to avoid other gangs and try to stay within the wall of the city. A human can become cattle for the vampires and have to give blood in return for food and shelter, but Allie despises them and would never think of becoming a Registered. Venturing outside the Fringe and avoiding the rabids, Allie discovers a loot of food and returns to tell her gang. Tragedy strikes when they all go back to grab food before somebody else gets to it, but night is coming too fast and the rabids are out.Rabids are a vampire zombie type thing; eating animals and humans, tearing them apart. On the run now to get back to the school, the gang is attacked by the rabids. One, two gone; Allie is determined to save her friend Stick and draws the rabids away so he can escape. Allie is being torn to shreds and then all of a sudden the rabids are destroyed; Allie can feel her life running out and Kanin appears at her side. Kanin is a vampire and is giving Allie the option to be turned into the monster that she despises or to die forever.The choice isn’t an easy one for Allie, but a monster she becomes. Kanin turns Allie and trains her in the life of being a vampire, the rules, the way to hunt, feed and the politics. Allie finds it hard, but is very greatful for Kanin. It is very rare for a vampire to turn a human into a vampire as the virus usually turns them into rabids.Kanin is not very liked by his vampire race and is in hiding. The Prince of New Covington has found them and now Allie and Kanin are on the run. Who has betrayed their location and friendship? Why is Kanin so disliked?Now on the run and separated, Allie doesn’t know where to go. Out of the city for the very first time, wandering around, she finds a group of humans and joins them. They are a Christian group looking for Eden. Eden is a sanctuary, free of vampires and rabids and fighting to find a cure to rabidism. And so Allie’s journey begins. Befriending Zeke the son of the leader, can Allie tell him what she really is? Can she choose who to feed on in the group (her time is running out)? Will the group survive long enough to find Eden? What happened to Kanin, surely she would know if he was destroyed? Can a vampire and a human have a normal relationship? Can Allie hold on to some of her humanity and not let the monster out?There are so many elements to the world that Ms Kagawa has created and it is so unique. The little twists along the way kept me guessing the entire length of the book. Complete with romance, guilt, lust, rage and stolen moments, Allie and Zeke form a friendship like no other. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Immortal Rules and cannot wait to read The Eternity Cure. This is another fantastic series by Ms Kagawa.