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How Beauty Loved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #3) - Jax Garren Well, what a fabulous conclusion to Tales of the Underlight. I have really loved this series and hope to read more from the characters within in another series. The characters are all lovable, but Hauk is my favourite. He is such an insecure guy, but shows such strength when it comes down to the crunch and boy, all that muscle! Jolie is a wonderful character as well, with her loyalty, determination and patience with Hauk; and she is so passionate, love her. Jax Garren’s writing style has drawn me in and I couldn’t put How Beauty Loved the Beast down, as with the other two books in the series.After saving Wesley Haukon (Hauk) in the last instalment, Jolie Benoit is determined to have her way with Hauk and draw him out to show his skin. But first Hauk needs to recover from his injuries. Jolie seems to find trouble where ever she goes and during a secret mission while Hauk is in hospital, this is no exception to the rule.Hauk and Jolie are a part of the Underlight, a secret society that is determined to stop The Order of Ananke (these are the baddies, trying to rule the world). Everywhere they go, Hands of Atropos (the army for The Order) seem to be around and trying to inject their members with some secret serum. It doesn’t seem to do anything at this stage, but they are all worried about what is to come.While they are trying to work out what is coming, Jolie and Hauk are trying to take their relationship to a new level and Jolie is determined to help Hauk deal with his scars. She wants to show him they don’t affect her that she just wants all of him. After some intense romance, it appears that Jolie has her work cut out for her. Hauk just has too many scars, internal and external; he has promised that one day he will reveal himself fully to her, but right now he can’t. Jolie is heartbroken that Hauk cannot trust her, if he loves her, why can’t he show it? There appears to be something happening and the members of the Underlight are changing into zombies (so to speak). They are not acting like themselves and trying to head to the surface. Does this have something to do with the injections everybody is being stabbed with?Can Jolie and Hauk work out what the Order is trying to achieve? Can a reversal be made for the injection everybody is being stabbed with? Can Hauk overcome his insecurities and let Jolie love him completely? Will Jolie finally admit her true feelings to Hauk?This is one fantastic adventure with Jolie and Hauk. The romantic scenes are both frantic and intense, but then soft and sweet; just like the characters themselves. There are so many variables in this world that has the potential for another great series. I just love Ms Garren’s intense, but fun atmosphere and Jolie with her no bull attitude. I highly recommend this series to all adult romance readers, it is highly enjoyable.