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Slammed - Colleen Hoover This is the first book I have read by Colleen Hoover and it certainly will NOT be the last. I am a new fan and Ms Hoover is added to my auto-buy list. Gee whiz, what a book! As you may be able to tell, I absolutely loved Slammed and I am excited to read Point of Retreat and then This Girl. Slammed was full to the brim with emotion and intense romance with such addiction that I couldn’t put it down. The characters are all so lovable and the quirky behaviour of Layken, her brother Kel and mother, Julia was fun.After the tragic and unexpected loss of her Father, Layken (Lake), Kel and their Mum moved to Michigan. Layken has been the strong one for Kel and her Mum, trying to help Kel cope with the loss. Driving the moving truck, Layken pulls into their new home. Kel hops out and finds a new best friend within 5 minutes. Caulder lives across the street and they are the same age of 9. Next Will comes to investigate; he is Caulder’s older brother and sole carer. There seemed to be a connection with Lake and Will at first site. Will asks Lake out on a date and takes her to a club where he is a regular, but only because Thursday’s is open mike night. This is something very strange to Lake, but she is curious. Will introduces Lake to slamming, a way of expressing yourself with poetry. Will loves slamming and loves watching the performances. Lake is speechless, but she loves it.Will and Lake become instant friends and hopefully more; they love hanging out together and with their brothers getting so close, it is inevitable that their relationship would progress. With the start of school, it is discovered that rightfully Will and Lake cannot be together. UH-OH!Well, this isn’t how it was meant to go! Now that they know, their plans have come to a halt. There is no way they are allowed to become more than friends. There is so much frustration and tension between them that it affects Lake’s school work. How will they manage to keep apart? What will Julia think of everything? Julia is pretty cool and relaxed, but even she has boundaries when it comes to these types of relationships.Can Lake and Will overcome their situation and say bugger it all, we need to be together? What will everybody think?I love the interactions between Lakes little family; how they allow Kel to have a backwards day where he does and says everything backwards. It’s fantastic! And how Lake has tantrums, just like a normal teenager, but most times she is the mature sister that puts Kel first. The writing style was extremely easy to read and the intense emotion within, man, I was sobbing along with Lake throughout. This is definitely a must read to everybody!!