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Jessica Rules the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey Jessica Rules the Dark Side is another fantastic book by Beth Fantaskey. It continues on from Jessica’s Guide to dating on the Dark Side. I really love Ms Fantaskey’s writing style, it has such an easy flow and is highly addictive. Jessica is now fighting for her life once again, but more than that, she has to fight for Lucius’s life. Just married, Jessica is trying to prove her worth before they decide she is worthless. Trying to work out how to be a married woman and live in a foreign country, she doesn’t know who she can trust. Jessica has to decide whether she wants to be a ruler or be friends with everyone.When a powerful elder vampire is murdered, Lucius is implicated and put into solitary confinement. His best friend and foe, Raniero returns to the castle to assist in setting Lucius free and training Jessica on using a stake. Jessica’s best friend, Mindy also returns for a visit and there is a complicated relationship between Mindy and Raniero.Will Jessica be able to work out who the real murderer is? Who can she trust? Does she really deserve to rule with Lucius? There isn’t a lot of romance or romantic tension in this one, but it is very intriguing and more focused on Jessica becoming a ruler than anything else. I definitely loved Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side a lot more than this one, but I don’t regret reading it one bit. I certainly love Ms Fantaskey and can’t wait to read Jekel loves Hyde.