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Poison - Bridget Zinn Poison was such an adventurous read and I loved it. To be honest, it did take me little to get stuck into the drama of the book; but when Fred was introduced, gee whiz, it was certainly intriguing. Fred and Rosie are my favourite characters. The little pig was fantastic, with her quirky little attitude and usefulness, she is definitely my favourite. I really enjoyed the writing style of Bridget Zinn; it has such an easy flow and with strong growing characters, there’s nothing more needed for a fantastic read.Kyra is on the run; she is stealing, living on the streets and wanted for attempted murder in the Kingdom of Mohr. She was one of the Master Trio of Potioners with Hal and Ned, but since she attempted to kill the Princess, is now a wanted felon. Kyra is on a quest to locate and kill the Princess, since she missed the first time around. You would think she would be able to find her, since she was her best friend after all, but no, the Princess is hidden. Going to the King of Criminals, she acquired a pig to help sniff out the Princess and so her journey begins.Kyra’s quirky attitude and unusual behaviour makes reading this book fun; with the added humour of Rosie (the seeking pig) and intriguing abilities that Kyra has, mystery is a certain with this book. While on her search, she tries to cross a river with Rosie perched on her head and has a tumble into the icy cold water. Fred saves the pair and offers them a warm fire and warm food. Leaving Fred and continuing on, Kyra finds Rosie leads her astray. Now something funny is going on, is Rosie really a seeking pig or was the item she was sniffing not belonging to the Princess? Now Kyra has to work out who is lying and where the Princess really is. And why does Fred keep appearing wherever she goes?Kyra is a Master Potioner and has expertise with making deadly poisons. With her quick hands, deadly needles can be thrown into her unsuspecting victims. Kyra has a tendency to get into trouble and her friends as well, but seems to be able to get out of trouble just as easy.Will Kyra be able to find the Princess and get to the bottom of everything that is a mystery to her? Who is Fred really? Who is really behind the Princesses actions?I really enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns and this certainly has a lot of potential for a fantastic series. I really hope that there will be more from this bunch, with fun and adventure and magic. I highly recommend this book to all young adult fantasy readers.