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The Number - Sheenah Freitas I absolutely loved this book and had to start it not long after finishing The Chosen. The ending of The Chosen left me wanting more and to find out what actually happened to Kaia. Ms Freitas writing style was fantastic and The Number was certainly another addicting read. Full of intrigue and mystery, I just had to keep turning the pages to find out what happened to Kaia, Catrina, Reeze and Derek.The Number continues the story and adventure five years after the end of The Chosen. The group have been in hiding, waiting for Kaia to become ready to start her search again and find the remaining treasures of the Gods. After Kaia finds Catrina they embark on their journey once again.Searching for their next item, they encounter a village of Elves hidden in the forest. It is Kaia’s next challenge to grow her strength and magic with the Elves to help find the treasures and protect herself against danger. Kaia’s magic is growing, but every time she uses it, exhaustion and severe headaches envelope her. What does this mean? Is Kaia not meant to use her magic, but then what is the point of being the Chosen if not to use the gifts of the Gods?A bazaar discovery has been made, some of the treasures are not as they seem. The Gods are in uproar and a war is brewing between the Gods and Tueor’s. A numbers program has been created to keep track of all demigods and Catrina is the most dangerous of them all. She is now in danger of being captured and killed. Can they outrun the Tueors and find all the missing treasures to set the prophecy in motion?Kaia finally discovers some answers that have been plaguing her for five years, but she is still struggling to know whom to trust. Is Reeze really trustworthy? Will the prophecy really save the world and stop the evil? Will there be romance with Reeze or will Shawn (her capturer) be able to love her and not kill her?As with The Chosen, The Number is completely full of adventure, intrigue, mystery, magic, paranormal creatures and fabulous world building like no other. The unique premise of this series is fabulous and I certainly hope there will be more to come. I want to read more adventures of these characters and watch as they grow into the prophecy and perhaps a romance or two.