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The Chosen - Sheenah Freitas I thoroughly enjoyed The Chosen and it was a fantastic introduction into the world that Sheenah Freitas has created. The creatures, worlds and the history associated are fantastic and I am hooked on this series. The growth that the characters have throughout is great and my attention was held until the end.The story starts off with Catrina working in a bar, then at the end of her shift, she tells a story to the children of her village. The book is of the story that Catrina is telling of a 17 year old girl, Kaia and her adventure.Kaia was a typical teenager living in a small village with her Mother. Her Father died early on and Kaia loved helping her Mother to bake Blueberry pies. This one particular day, Kaia went into the forest in search of berries for her Mother. Taking a side trip to a temple, Kaia went to give respect to the Priestesses and Gods that are worshipped. Heading back toward the village, Kaia smells smoke and starts running back to her Mother. She is too late; Kaia’s entire village is burned to the ground. The only survivors are Kaia and Reeze. Reeze takes Kaia back to the temple and they are summoned before the Gods of Earth’s sister planet, Zinc and rescued from the assassins that destroyed their village.The Gods have given Kaia a quest to find all the treasures of the Gods. Reeze is burdened with the task of protecting Kaia. There is a prophecy that tells of The Chosen that will save the world and bring peace and Kaia is The Chosen.How can a 17 year old girl be The Chosen and save the world? Will Reeze really protect Kaia from harm or does he have ulterior motives? Reeze seems to be hiding something and Kaia is determined to work out what it is. They find a guide to help them look for the treasures; Catrina is a young girl, but a demi-goddess. They accumulate friends along the way that are only too willing to help bring the prophecy true, but are they honest and trustworthy?By the end I was hooked and with the twists and unexpected turns, I didn’t know who was a traitor or if Reeze can really be trusted. The Chosen is full of magical creatures from dragons, mermaids/mermen to vampires and elves. Discover with Kaia the full responsibility that she has on her shoulders and watch her grow and make hard decisions regarding the world and the people around her. This is highly enjoyable and I can’t wait to read The Number, book 2.