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Losing It - Cora Carmack Wow, this was absolutely amazing! I really loved the writing style of Cora Carmack, Losing It was such a joy to read, so much fun and I just couldn't put it down. The tension between Garrick and Bliss was so thick it could have been cut with a knife. This whole topic is something that’s realistic (losing the big V) for everyone and with such an expressive and descriptive scenario I really could feel Bliss’s emotional state.Bliss is in her final semester of College and she has no idea what she wants to do with herself. Does she act or do stage management? This is only the beginning of her problems this semester. The last weekend before classes start and her friend Kelsey is determined to get Bliss to lose her virginity. Going to a bar, Kelsey and Bliss check out all the suitors around the bar trying to find the most likely candidate to help her lose it!The bartender looks promising and is definitely interested, but Bliss is full of nervousness. Heading to the bathroom she encounters a man reading in the bar. Finding this odd, she strikes up a conversation and is shocked to find a British, hot man that loves reading. Fighting all of her instincts, Bliss ends up back at her apartment with Garrick and has a very interesting evening. Will Bliss go through with it?Classes start and life is only getting more interesting, Bliss heads into her class and finds her British hot man now teaching her class. Highly embarrassed and extremely nervous about the consequences, Bliss doesn't know what will happen. Neither of them realised that this could have been a possibility.Garrick and Bliss are trying their hardest to ignore and deny their feelings for each other. Knowing that it is forbidden for a Professor and a student to have a relationship, they are not allowed to show their feelings in public. Can they deny themselves their attraction for long? Will Bliss make a decision about her future?Follow Bliss through her emotional turmoil and the hardest decisions she has to make for her future, both intimately and career wise. Friendships, love, romance, loyalty and fun with humour and realistic issues, this book certainly has it all. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Losing It and have pre-ordered Faking It because I cannot wait to read more from Ms Carmack. I highly recommended to all New Adult readers.