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More Than You Know - Alexandria Rhodes More Than You Know is a fantastic read and I loved the writing style of Alexandria Rhodes. As this is Ms Rhodes debut, I will be adding her now to my must read list. More Than You Know is tragic and so heart wrenching and I instantly felt sorry for Bryn and secretly hoped she would kicked Tyler in the giggle-berries.Bryn, Charlotte and Tyler (Charlotte and Tyler are siblings) had been best friends forever and lived inside each other’s pockets. The natural progression was to become Tyler’s girlfriend and they were together for almost three years. One horrible day when Bryn was 18, she received a text from Tyler, “we need to talk”. As we all know, this message is never a good sign and it didn’t end well for Bryn either.Bryn was devastated that Tyler could treat her so coldly and end things so abruptly without any indication that he didn’t love her any more. With contact being severed with Charlotte as well as Tyler, Bryn didn’t have anybody to turn to.Within a couple of weeks of Tyler leaving town and Bryn, there was a horrible car accident and Bryn’s Dad didn’t survive. Since Bryn’s Mother wasn’t in the picture, she was left orphaned and shattered.Deciding to start her life anew, she moves to New York and starts University there. Going along with her life, Bryn isn’t able to have another relationship as she is still hung up and destroyed by Tyler. Skip ahead four years now and Bryn is graduating from NYU and heading home. Not wanting to sell her family home that she lived in with her Dad all her life, Bryn is going home to start her life again.One thing she didn’t realise was that Tyler and Charlotte had moved back also and all of their memories and love Bryn held onto, comes flooding back. Can Bryn forgive Charlotte and Tyler? Should Bryn forgive Tyler and Charlotte? What really happened four years ago and will Bryn get an explanation finally?This book was great and I loved the twists and turns along the way. With everything needed to fulfil a great read, More Than You Know should be added to your TBR list. Tyler and Bryn have everlasting love and I was intrigued to find out what really happened and all of the events that leads up to Bryn’s return home. With a bit of language, this New Adult read has a fabulous ending and I can’t wait to pick up another book by Ms Rhodes.