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The Water Witch (Fairwick Chronicles, #2) - Juliet Dark,  Carol Goodman I really loved The Demon Lover and really love the writing style of Juliet Dark. The Water Witch was no exception and was another addictive and fast paced read. I love Callie and love watching her grow with each book and the wonderful friendships she has made since moving into the town.After banishing Liam into the Borderlands, Callie is still trying to piece back together her broken heart. Still not able to truly love him and turn him human, Liam is now stuck for eternity in the Borderlands. Callie must be careful not to desire him too much or he could escape again. Callie is still having hot and sweaty dreams about Liam and doesn’t know if they are real or just fantasies.Callie is going to help her friends show a batch of undines the doorway to Faerie before they die. As Callie is the doorkeeper, she is the only one able to help guide them through. But Callie gets more than she has bargained for. One of the undines grabs a hold of Callie and pulls her into the water; the only way she is able to escape is to show the undines their way through the passage into Faerie. Travelling the passage is dangerous and finally making it through the other side, Callie is beside herself. Callie is now in Faerie and watches as the undines turn into beautiful women, with legs and watch as they join their relatives. Callie has an argument with Lorelei, she is extremely angry and wants Callie to open the door for her to return to the human world, where she can breed. Callie doesn’t want to allow this angry, crazy undine back in and Lorelei is hell bent on taking revenge on her.After returning back home and having a dangerous storm follow her through the doorway, Callie finds trouble and her house is torn apart. Looking for a new handyman, Bill turns up and Callie has an instant liking to him.The witches in town have found Duncan, a renowned specialist and help to train new witches. Callie can’t but help be attracted to Duncan and with the hopes that he will be able to show her her full strength and witch abilities; Duncan has become her new friend.With the threat of the doorway to Faerie being closed forever and Aelvesgold being taken away, the witch world will have no more magic. Callie is on a tight schedule to find a way to be able to keep the door open.Who/what is the handyman Bill? Who/what is Duncan? Will Callie be able to get over Liam finally OR truly accept that she loves him? Who is the Water Witch? Can the door be kept open?This was a great sequel to The Demon Lover and a fantastic continuation. I really love this series and the unique world that Ms Dark has created. There were a lot of surprises throughout this book and I was amazed and awed by the ending. I cannot wait to read book 3, The Angel Stone, due for release early September 2013.