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The Photo Traveler (The Photo Traveler Series) - Arthur J. Gonzalez The Photo Traveler was a great read and packed with action, intrigue and some romance. This is such a fantastic and unique idea; the characters were strong, the storyline fascinating and there were twists along the way that kept me guessing. I cannot wait to read The Peace Hunter, part two.Gavin Hillstone is an almost 18 year old boy that hasn’t had a very easy life for such a young age. His parents died when he was 4 and had believed there were no other living relatives. Put into the foster system, he was adopted by the family that took him in. Having a fairly normal life up until 8 years old, his foster mother, Leyla was killed in a tragic accident at a supermarket.Gavin was full of guilt, guilt for his parents, and guilt for Leyla and even his foster father and foster sister, Mel blamed him for her death. After a brutal fight with his drunk foster father, Gavin decides that’s it, he is leaving. Finding that there are secrets everywhere, he does in fact have Grandparents and is determined to find them.Not sure if they are even alive any more, Gavin sets out with his winnings from a photo competition. Gavin has always found photography has a calming effect on him and his camera is his most prized possession. Catching a bus to DC, he arrives at the house where his Grandparents used to live. Turning up on their doorstep was risky, but was his only choice. When they open the door, Gavin not only discovers his long lost Grandparents, but finds out he is a Photo Traveler. Any photo, picture, print, painting or anything with an image can be used to travel to that exact location. The only catch is that it must be a real place/person and had to have happened, so he couldn’t travel to visit the dinosaurs.Gavin is excited about this new power; he goes experimenting and loving his new family. Feeling loved is something new to Gavin and everything is so strange, but very comfortable. Gavin has so many questions about everything, what really happened to his parents? Who are these people that are threatening his family for these infamous vials of purple liquid? Who are the Peace Hunters?In the beginning there were five families and each one was given a purple vial of liquid that could give the power to travel, they were told to keep the vial safe and to hand it down with each generation. If somebody had all five vials, they would have the power to travel in time forwards and backwards. This is a dangerous ability to hold and each family was at war to keep their vial safe from the other families. Gavin starts a new school and quickly makes a friend in his photography class. Visiting his friend’s house, he sees a beautiful photo of a girl and has an instant attraction and connection, but she is in the past. How can he fall in love with a girl in the past when she isn’t in the present?There is a lot going on in this book, but it keeps you on your toes and guessing who, what, when and why? With betrayal, love, family loyalty, romance, intrigue, mystery and action, The Photo Traveler has a lot to offer. This book has a lot of potential to become a huge series and one that will become popular as it has appeal to a lot of readers. Again, I cannot wait to read the sequel The Peace Hunters.