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Faster We Burn - Chelsea M. Cameron Following on from Deeper We Fall, Faster We Burn tells the story of Katie and Stryker. This group of unusual friends have stuck together through thick and thin and will continue to do so. The loyalty they show and the friendship they offer each other is never ending and very admirable. Katie has to deal with an abusive boyfriend and the hard decisions she has to make to move on with her life. I really love the writing style of Ms Cameron, it has such an easy flow and is fast paced that it is effortless to fly through the pages. With never a dull moment throughout, Faster We Burn is another winner by Ms Cameron.Katie is still recovering from her incident with Zack and trying to sort through her emotional state and work out what she wants to do with her life. Her parents are horrified at what happened, but her Mother cannot believe that Zack would harm Katie on purpose. Katie isn’t looking for another relationship, unable to commit, but seeking friendship and companionship, Stryker walks into her life.Stryker has seen what happened with Katie and is still happening with Katie, but he feels protective and drawn to her. He has never ever felt this way before and doesn’t date, period. But Katie is different and has so many issues in her life, he wants to make her smile and happy.Trying to forget everything that happened, Katie struck a bargain with Stryker; they would just be physical buddies with no strings attached. This seemed to suit them both, but on Thanksgiving, Katie invites Stryker to her family home. Stryker doesn’t have a family and accepts her offer, but never would he realise what he is in for.Everything goes sour, Katie’s Mother never expected a pierced, tattooed and bleached haired man to enter her house. She is disappointed in Katie and expects the worst of Stryker. Stryker has never worried about what others think of him, until now.They both have baggage, they both have broken hearts, they both have scars, but can they overcome all of this to realise their love for each other? With bad decisions and problems with making commitments, will Katie and Stryker finally accept that fate keeps bringing them back together and that they were meant to be? Will Zack take the hint and leave Katie alone for good?I felt so horribly sad for Katie; I was in tears with her every time she broke down. With the twists and turns that are unpredictable, I was left gasping in surprise. The difficult issues dealt in this book of abusive partners and society’s impressions of people, this is certainly not a light hearted read, but a very good and realistic read. Including guilt, rage, emotional turmoil and heart wrenching tears, Faster We Burn is definitely a worth reading. I really hope there is more to this series and we find out more about the other friends in this group of misfits.