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Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron I really loved this book. The story was unique, the writing style was fabulous and in the first chapter I was captivated. Chelsea Cameron’s characters were complicated, but relatable and lovable. The love and friendships that are kept through the ages were heart-warming and the difficult issues that are dealt with very deep and meaningful. I have definitely found another author to add to my favourites list.The story begins when a bunch of teenagers are having a party, that happens regularly with a big bonfire. The only difference at this party was the stupidity of the teenagers and the tragedy that occurs. This night changes the lives of a group of friends forever and not for the better. Charlotte (Lottie) Anders and her best friend since forever, will be best friends forever, the only difference is now Lexie has brain damage and will never have the future they always dreamed.Two years after the accident and Lottie and her twin brother Will are off to college to start afresh. Everything is going fine until Lottie meets her roommate’s boyfriend, Zack. Zack Parker was one of the responsible boys for the accident and it doesn’t seem to have changed him or his habits at all. Lottie is distraught and thought she could move on, but now with Zack being pushed in her face, how will she stay sane.The day only gets worse when Zack’s brother is also attending the college, Zan. Zan was implicated for the accident and is Lottie’s worst nightmare. Now what is Lottie going to do with both brothers’ going to the same college and them all seemingly being pushed together? But the more Lottie has no choice but to spend time with Zan, the more she realises he isn’t the monster she thought he was. Under the anger and guilt that Zan has, he is a nice guy and does have feelings.It is not fair that Lottie can hold onto so much guilt and built up anger, when it isn’t her fault to burden. Lottie is at a crossroads; she doesn’t know if she is allowed to have feelings for Zan, when he was always thought of as the monster that destroyed their lives. Her loyalty has always been with Lexie, but now with her feelings for Zan, can she let go enough to love them both with no guilt? Follow the love story of Lottie and Zan when they are at their weakest and mostly vulnerable. See their point of views and reasoning for holding onto so much guilt and anger, but see how their friendship blossoms and the loyalty they gain from a bunch of friends that come together in college.Deeper We Fall is definitely a heart wrenching read, full to the brim of anger, guilt and young love. I loved all the “twindar” moments between Lottie and Will and their quirkiness; they lightened the mood and always had a way to make me laugh with their Star Wars Yoda speech. Loved it! Highly recommend to all new adult readers.