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The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Richelle Mead? Man, she is a genius and a magician and is just amazing. The Indigo Spell was just as wonderful as The Golden Lily, if not more so. I loved this book immensely and cannot wait to see what happens in The Fiery Heart. The ending of this book left me OMGing; I just didn’t see what was going to happen. Of course this is a testament to the skills that Ms Mead has.I have very strong feelings for Sydney and feel extremely sorry for all of her life issues. She is an amazing character and watching her grow and seeing her ideals change with each book has been fantastic.Sydney Sage is an alchemist, but in The Indigo Spell her whole life is being questioned when she finally tracks down Marcus Finch. Following clues and using her witchy powers, Sydney goes it alone and meets Marcus. Scaring the bejeezus out of everyone, they realise they have the possibility of being on the same team. Sydney now needs to make the biggest decision of her life and work out where her loyalties lie. Everything she has ever known is in question and she is holding onto that last thread until the last second.After the incident with Adrian, Sydney is avoiding him, but they seem to keep getting thrown together. When Ms Terwilliger asks for Sydney’s help, this is the start of another investigation and more books of spells in the witch world. Ms Terwilliger’s sister is getting into mischief and Sydney is the only one that can help, but Adrian has to help keep Sydney safe. Trying to go undercover, Sydney and Adrian are in search for Veronica and to stop her before she kills any more young witches.Sydney has to help keep Jill safe, find Veronica, decide if she will join Marcus’s Merry Men and steal surveillance footage from the Alchemists security room. All the while, trying to work out what her feelings for Adrian really are and decide if she can overcome her feelings or say bugger it all and give in to them. Sydney is really surprising me in each book; she seems to be using magic more and more and letting her prejudice slide more and more.I loved the spirit walks that Adrian and Sydney share, they are my favourite scenes. Adrian is such a sweetheart and I feel so bad for him, he seems to be having such horrible luck with love. This is my favourite Bloodlines book to date and I cannot wait for book four, November cannot come quick enough.