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A Ring Through Time - Felicity Pulman This book is fantastic. I loved everything about it, from being an Australian to a historical, but also the fact that it was written in the present and then shifted to the past. A Ring Through Time was fantastically written and so intriguing that I just had to find out what happened to both the past and present Alice’s. I loved how present Alice accepted her ancestry and apologised for her rash outburst. My first thoughts were wow, this is so well written and I was drawn in immediately.Alice (Allie) Bennett was dragged from Sydney to Norfolk Island. Her father had gotten a job and as they were descended from the infamous John Bennett, thought it might be another way to research their family history. Not really happy about the move, Allie had to leave her friends behind, but after a mishap with her boyfriend, she needed to have a fresh start.Allie’s first day of school and she wasn’t looking forward to it. She was in history and they were discussing the local history that mentioned Allie’s ancestor. Allie was pleased and wanted to set the record straight that John Bennett was what the Island needed to bring the criminals to in line. John Bennett was known among the locals as the bloody tyrant; Allie had an argument with her teacher and classmates, Noah in particular. This was not how she wanted her first day to go and Allie was extremely upset about it all. Now she is determined to find the truth.Allie took on a babysitting job in a residence that is known to be where John Bennett lived. Thinking she hit the jackpot, Allie went searching for any clues that might help her prove John’s innocence. The house is known to have a ghost and Allie thought she saw a woman heading into a room. Freaked out, but still wanting to find something, she followed her. Allie found hidden a journal of Alice Bennett.Allie found that Alice must have been John Bennett’s daughter, but hasn’t heard any mention of him having daughters. Reading the journal Allie was taken back in time to when the convicts inhabited the Island and through the eyes of a teenager, read a detailed life of a tyrant’s daughter. Reading of a love story that was forbidden and the tragedy that followed, Allie has found her answers.Follow along as Allie reads Alice’s story and her forbidden love; but also the feelings that Allie starts to see for Noah. This is such a fantastic book by Ms Pulman that I had tears coming down my cheeks without realising I was crying. There is such a tragic love story back in early settlement and has everything, betrayal, ghosts and your heart will go through so many emotions from heartache to remorsefulness to elation. I have found another favourite author in Ms Pulman and cannot wait to pick up another of her books. This is one amazing book and I highly recommend to all.