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Love's Forbidden Flower - Diane Rinella Wow, where to start. I really loved the writing style of Ms Rinella and found it so very easy to read and such an emotional roller-coaster. The taboo subject matter of this book was tough to put at the back of my mind while trying to read this intense love story. Society does not accept and genetically it cannot happen, but sibling love and romantic relationships do exist. This book covers the love story and I really felt for Lily throughout; I could imagine her broken heart over and over again.Lilyanna (Lily) a 16 year old and her brother Donovan, a 17 year old, have had a connection like no other. They have been best friends since they were born and have been able to tell each other all of their secrets. But something has changed. In the last month or so, their feelings have escalated and turned intimate. When they muck around with the football or whisper secrets, their heart rates increase and breathing quickens. Knowing it is forbidden; they hide their feelings and try to continue.New Year’s Eve comes around and they are determined to be together, but Donovan has second thoughts and stands Lily up. Devastated, destroyed and heart-broken, Lily doesn’t understand what has changed and why Donovan would so blatantly do a 180 on his feelings. Donovan has turned into his evil twin and is hurting everybody he comes in contact with.Refusing to admit or reject his feelings, Donovan continues on his warpath and Lily tries to have a normal life once again. Donovan leaves and goes off to college and this give the household the reprieve they needed from the moody and angry Donovan. Lily decides to stop moping and gets a highly desired job in a bakery. Her dreams appear to be coming true, finding her dream job over the Summer and a new love in Christopher, an Englishman new to the country.Donovan is always in the back of her mind and her feelings never dissolve, but her love for Christopher increases and soon they are inseparable. Donovan also tries to move on and finds some girls, but they are never the same of Lilyanna.Will Donovan and Lily finally ignore society’s negativity and be together? Will their love last? What about Lily and Christopher, is it a forever love?This book has such an intense emotional romance that you can’t help but keep reading to find out if Lily will find her true happiness in the end. Poor Lily and her delicate heart, I am not sure how she survives throughout with the tug-of-war, but MAN at the end I went “OOOOHHHHH” what a read. I can’t wait for the sequel Time’s Forbidden Flower.