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Chosen - Heather Fleener This was a great fantasy read and a wonderful introduction in the Realm world. I was left wanting to read Forsaken (book 2) to find out what Kaitriana got herself into next. I loved Kaitriana and all of her flaws, most of all the way she was trying to modernise her speech and adapt to the little sayings, but never seemed to get them right. Heather Fleener is a fantastic author and I love her writing style, such an easy read with a lot of action and intrigue.Kaitriana is a witch and the book starts when she is just 4 years old. There is a war between the Light and Dark and Kaitriana is aligned with the Light. After a battle Lorcan, the Warrior of Light, a vampire, is heading home and follows two Dark soldiers to see what they’re up to. They have discovered a camp site with parents and a child. He rescues them from the Dark’s and finds the child to be a little witch, Kaitriana and he is enchanted with her cute possessiveness and likeness for spiders.As the years go by, Lorcan and Kaitriana carry on and now Kaitriana is 12 years old. They are attending a party and Kaitriana is excited to see Lorcan. Kaitriana is going to her parents and two Darks have found their camp again. This time there is nobody to save them and Kaitriana is given the blood of a vampire. While lying there unable to move, she witnesses the murder of her parents. Her Grandfather comes and kills one of the Darks, but one escapes. Her Grandfather takes Kat to a safe place and is put to sleep for over 500 years.Kat awakes and is hell bent on handing out revenge for the death of her parents. She destroys two Dark strongholds and then ends up at Lorcan’s gate. Once proving she is in fact Kaitriana that has been asleep for over 500 years and not dead, Lorcan takes her into his coven and swears to protect and train her. As time continues, Kat is training and using her powers, now dubbed the Chosen, she is organising battles and the war with Lorcan; all the while trying to align the witches and the vampires of the Light. With each day Lorcan and Kat grow closer and they must work out what is best for the Realm together.Chosen is a full on fantasy novel and chock-a-block full of action, intrigue, betrayal, loyalty, love, magic and intense romance. I really enjoyed the introduction into the Realm and the lives of Lorcan and Kaitriana. Kat is such a lovable character and added with the hotness of Lorcan, how could you go wrong. Following the life of Kat and discovering her potential of being the Chosen and how she has to help Lorcan accept his destiny. Definitely recommend to fantasy readers.