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Forsaken (Ancients of Light, #2) - Heather Fleener Wholly cow, I loved this book. It was such an enjoyable read with everything, fantasy, romance, action, intrigue, magic, witches and vampires and did I mention romance. This was more of an urban fantasy than book one, but I enjoyed Forsaken more than Chosen, but this whole series is going to be awesome. With each book you get a look into the lives of different characters, but they all tie in together and Kaitriana (the Chosen) is always at there as the Queen of Queens. Forsaken was fast paced with some very steamy romance scenes and a lot of intrigue. Ella isn't your ordinary 26 year old, she is a witch and has been living in the human world most of her life. Her Mother was killed when she was younger and they were living in the Realm and Ella has no idea who her Father is. After her Mother dies Ella moves back to the human world. Grieving and trying to survive, Ella studies and works to make a life for herself. On celebrating the end of her studies, she goes out with friends for some drinks and fun. Sitting at the bar, Cole walks up and Ella knows immediately he is a vampire and a Dark. Cole is determined to get into her good graces with Ella and help her home (since she couldn't make it by herself). After succumbing to Cole’s charms and their instant attraction, Ella allows Cole to take her home and inside her apartment. Knowing it is dangerous, but also wanting a little action, Cole drives Ella mad with pleasure.Cole (known in the Realm as Nicholas) has been watching Ella since she was a child. Knowing she is special and hoping to get Ella to want him and desire him, Cole is determined to leave Ella wanting him at every visit. He isn't divulging all of his life to her and known in the Realm as the Warrior of Dark, he is the fiercest and most feared vampire in the Dark legion. The war between Light and Dark is coming to a head with the Chosen and the Warrior of Light attacking the Dark. Nicholas is called back to the Realm and Ella is taken into the Light coven. Kaitriana is helping Ella bring her powers to the surface and discover how much power she possesses.All the time that Cole/Nicholas spent with Ella in the human world and he cannot stop thinking about her. They have discovered feelings for each other that shouldn't have grown. But can they be together, since they both come from opposite sides of the Realm? Will their love conquer? Can Cole/Nicholas or Ella convert to the other side? Who is Ella’s Father? Will Light prevail?I really love this series and can’t wait for Broken. It is unique with witches, vampires and magic, plus the good versus evil war, but what is unique is the story and prophesy that still needs to be fulfilled. Both Chosen and Forsaken revolve around strong female characters, but they still have their vulnerability. With each page the characters evolve and grow into their potential. I loved the combination of Ella and Kaitriana in this book and Kaitriana’s querkyness that makes everybody smile. This is a must read!