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There Comes a Prophet - David Litwack This isn’t something that I would normally read and to be honest it took me a little bit to get into the fray. Mr Litwack is certainly a very talented author and has an easy way with his words, but this was a little religious for my liking. I really did enjoy the overall story and loved the world building, strong characters and the little romance thrown into the mix.Nathaniel, Thomas and Orah have grown up together and are the best of friends. They are all around the same age, give or take a few months and are always joined at the hip. Growing up in a small town, in a world without technology, without electricity and with a religious vicar ruling them all; their lives are anything but easy and carefree. Once a season a priest comes to visit each town to determine if any children have come of age and need a teaching in their Temple City. Any child with rebellious actions or thoughts are determined they need to be put in line and kept in the Light. This particular season, Thomas has come of age and is taken. Their teachings are never spoken about and for good reason. It inflicts fear in all the followers and keeps everybody loyal.Thomas is gone for weeks and when he comes home, is a changed man. He is afraid and hurting and never wants to go back to the Temple. The next season, Orah is taken and Nathaniel cannot accept she has gone, determined to rescue her, he treks to Temple City. Upon waiting for the Vicar’s decision, Nathaniel is placed in a room next to an old man. This man confides in Nathaniel and tells him of a deep secret that can change their entire world. He is a Keeper and Nathaniel is to be the Seeker. There was a secret society that has all the information to save the world and bring down the vicar ruling. To keep the secret safe, a series of clues were left and this would direct the Seeker to the Keep.Nathaniel and Orah are allowed to leave under conditions and secretly decide to follow this quest. They never want anybody to undergo the teachings again. Thomas finds out about their departure and tags along. The three head off on their adventure, trying to see if this century old secret is true or false. Are the threats that the Vicar’s have spoken of all these years true? Is the Dark really as bad as they claim? Can they all survive the trials of the trek without being caught? What will happen if they find the Keep? What will happen to their world?I loved the characters very much, Orah is my favourite with her sass and cheeky know it all attitude, she was fun to watch grow and become a woman. I really felt for Thomas, he went through a lot and felt horrible after his teaching, but really surprised me in the end. Nathaniel was the strength that kept them going and he discovered some things about himself along the way. This book was certainly surprising and I can’t wait to read more by Mr Litwack.