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Kat Fight - Dina Silver Kat Fight is a delightfully written and fun read that keeps you guessing throughout. With some contemporaries, you can sort of predict what will eventually happen, but with Kat Fight, Ms Silver kept you guessing. Her style of writing was so fun to read that I was kept intrigued and laughing until the end (and cried in a certain part). I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to pick up another of Ms Silver’s books.Kat Porter is a typical 26 year-old woman, working and in a long-term relationship. She met Marc, her boyfriend, at College and has their future all planned. But it seems that Marc isn’t on the same page and is distancing himself from Kat. Kat gives Marc an ultimatum, but he doesn’t fall for it. After being in a relationship for four years, Kat is devastated and doesn’t know what to do now she’s all alone. Relying on her best friend, Julie, Kat is set up on a blind double date with Julie and her current beau.Let’s just say this double date didn’t really go to plan either and after a very hasty exit, Kat is down in the dumps again. Continuing to work and carry on, Kat see’s Julie’s beau, Ryan at her place of work. Curious she asks what he’s doing and Ryan took a job with her firm. Ryan was extremely nice at their double date and ever so handsome that Kat’s breath is taken away. After a while, Ryan and Kat become closer and closer and Kat doesn’t have the heart to tell Julie. Ryan is adamant that he and Julie are no longer an item, but Kat is scared that Julie will hate her forever.Now Marc, Kat sees him at a wedding for a mutual friend and is nervous. This happens before her first official date with Ryan. Marc and Kat have a very polite conversation and Kat is relieved. Later that night, lying in bed and thinking of Ryan, Kat gets a phone call from Marc and he’s downstairs wanting to talk.Now Kat is totally confused, Marc wants her back, but she has feelings for Ryan. She told Marc about Ryan and now he’s upset too. Everything is a total mess and Kat doesn’t know what to do. Not being able to go to Julie, Kat goes to her other best friend, Adam; a work colleague that quickly became her best friend. Who will Kat choose, her old love Marc, whom she always thought she would marry OR the new beau, Ryan, exciting and handsome and extremely lovable? Will Kat tell Julie that she is with Ryan? How will Julie take the news? Secrets and lies never end well!Follow along with Kat and her extraordinarily funny and entertaining life, where she has to become a big girl and make big girl decisions. See her grow and try to decide which man is right for her and take responsibility for her actions. Julie may not be the best person, but she is Kat’s friend and I couldn’t really take to her much, but loved Adam, he was hilarious. This was such a fun read and once you got stuck in the middle of Kat’s life, you can’t stop reading.