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The Undesirable (Undesirable, #1) - Sara Celi Well, I seem to be reading some awesome books this past week. The Undesirable is no exception, man this was a fantastic dystopian and I really want book 2, The Resistance now. The writing style and the world created for this book were fantastic. There was such an easy flow and the characters were very lovable. I really felt for Charlotte, she really did have the raw end of the stick and what’s a book without a hot love interest….There is a war between the US and Canada over oil and petrol. Stock has been depleted and the government apparently wasn’t doing a very good job. A rebel, Maxwell Cooper took over the country and became the new leader after the President was assassinated (everybody knows Maxwell had this done, but no evidence proves this). Maxwell has turned the country into slave labour and if you are classed as an Undesirable, you are killed on the spot. You cannot go against Maxwell or his beliefs and you can definitely not be pro Canada.“To his left on the screen, a huge revolving graphic shared the national average for a gallon on unleaded gas; $16.99.” loc 153 4%When this began, Charlotte lived with her Mother and she had no idea who her Father was. The whole town knew her Mother was a local lady of the night and she got teased about it at school. School was all about Maxwell Cooper and getting his beliefs drummed into you. If you were a good soldier, you became a Homeland Guard, if not you worked the factory.Escaping the hum drum of her life, Charlotte went for a walk after curfew and was lying down in a field staring up at the stars. Hearing footsteps, she startled when Fostino came behind her and sat with her. This was the first of many visits with each other and they soon became friends, then more. Fostino was a Homeland Guard and pro Maxwell Cooper.The very next day, the whole town was forced to be counted and become a drone, either working in the factory 6 days a week or an Undesirable. As Charlotte’s Mother was a drunk and everyone knew her profession, she was deemed an undesirable. Taken around the corner to a park, she was shot dead. Everybody heard and Charlotte was devastated, but she didn’t want to show her feelings or she herself would be killed for weakness.Learning she must keep her mouth shut and work as hard as she could, Charlotte would not become an Undesirable. Meeting up with Fostino was the only light in her darkened world, feeling all alone, she has nothing but him. One night walking home from the factory, she is approached by a man. He was part of the SSR (Specialised Secret Resistance), a rebel cause set out to destroy Maxwell Cooper.“Should I try to leave tonight? Should I tell Fostino? How long before they came for me? Should I trust Thompson? What had I done to deserve this?” loc 1545 42%Trying to work out if she can trust them, Charlotte doesn’t know if she should leave or stay with Fostino. Deciding she has nothing to lose and how much Fostino is pro Maxwell Cooper, she decides to go with the SSR. BUT things are not what Charlotte thought and now Fostino is being threatened and could become an Undesirable. Charlotte is determined to rescue him and tell him of her love.“His lips crash into mine seconds after he speaks. His breath is hot in my mouth, his tongue fills the space, and his arms haul me to his body. This kiss goes deeper than any he’s ever given me before. I return it because I need it. Deep underground, hidden from the hell that aways us, the moment is ours and ours along.” Loc 3003 81%Can Charlotte get to Fostino in time? Will she be captured by The Party? Is Charlotte an Undesirable even though she has done nothing but work her fingers to the bone for them? Is there a life in Canada for her, safe and free?I loved this concept and it really hits home that it could be a possibility in reality one day. True love and dystopian, this was a fabulous mix and there is so much potential with so many directions that it can go in. The characters evolved with such strength that I couldn’t help but urge them forward and hope that they will trust each other enough to continue on. I can’t wait for The Resistance and I have added another new favourite author to my collection. Highly recommend to all young adult readers.