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Open Heart - Emlyn Chand Open Heart was very different from Farsighted. Being from a teenage girl’s perspective is something that I usually read anyway, but Farsighted was a lot more paranormal fantasy than Open Heart. I did love this book, but for very different reasons than the first book. Emlyn Chand has amazing talent; the differences in books 1 and 2 are amazing. Farsighted was full of intrigue and mystery (and of course from a teenage boy’s perspective) and Open Heart has more love and teenage peer pressure issues.My first impressions of Open Heart was “what is wrong with Simmi, why is she so depressed and sad”? Simmi is recovering from their adventure on finding Dax and stopping him from killing anybody. Simmi has the ability to feel emotions from people around her and can change a person’s emotion by touching them. She is extremely worried and afraid of her abilities and doesn’t want to have that much power. Nobody should have that much power, it is dangerous.You would think that after their adventure and knowing how much Alex loves Simmi, she would love him in return. But Simmi doesn’t know what her feelings are towards Alex and is really confused about Dax. She should hate Dax, but they seem drawn to each other. Simmi is having severe body issues and doesn’t think she is good enough for Alex. She believes that if Alex could see, he wouldn’t want to be with her. Going through these ideas, Simmi is trying to refrain from eating food and tries not to draw attention to this fact with all the people around her. Being jealous of her peers and having insecurities is turning Simmi into a stranger.Alex still refuses to accept that Dax isn’t the bad guy any more. Dax has been disowned by his parents and is living with Alex’s family. Alex refuses to acknowledge his existence and will not allow Simmi and Dax to even be in the same room. Refusing them to even talk is making Dax and Simmi want to get together even more.A new housing development is going ahead in the town and with it a lot more people are attending school. The developer has decided to donate and build a new school building to accommodate all the new students. But something seems very off with Mr Franklin and his daughter Veronica. They seem to get their way too often.Will Simmi and Dax get together? What will happen with Simmi and Alex, can she get over her body image issues and love herself? Can Simmi accept her power and start using them again? Who is this new developer and are there more people in town with powers now?Loved this book immensely, I definitely need book 3, Pitch, right now. I am addicted to this series and love how each book is on a different character and their life, but still carries on from the previous book. Awesome! Emlyn Chand’s writing style is fantastic, easy to read and the characters lovable. Although in Open Heart I was getting a little frustrated with Simmi. I really recommend this to all YA readers, this series is not just for fantasy/paranormal readers. Bring on Pitch, book 3!