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Farsighted - Emlyn Chand I loved Farsighted! It was extremely intriguing throughout and I had a hard time putting it down. Ms Chand has a lovely writing style that was easy to read and so much fun. The main character, Alex is falling in love for the first time, but he is getting confusing signals. As the characters evolve along the way, the reader is drawn into the world that is created with vivid imagery detailed throughout.Alex Kosmitoras is no typical teenager, at almost 16, he goes to an ordinary school and goes to ordinary classes; the only thing that isn’t ordinary is that Alex was born blind. This adds an interesting touch to the story, but Alex carries on, head held high just like every other student.At school on his first day back and in class, Alex has a vision and doesn’t understand what is happening. He just thinks it’s a hallucination and tries to ignore it. Meeting a new girl in his Physics class, Simmi, Alex is immediately attracted to her. Since he can’t see her, it’s his other senses that are heightened to Simmi; her almond scent and sing song voice. Simmi seems friendly enough and they start to become friends.As Alex has more visions, he is working out that they are of the future, but cannot control them. A new shop has opened next door to his Mother’s florist shop, All-Seeing Miss Teak. A psychic shop that Alex thinks is a phoney. Being the curious teenager that he is, Alex goes next door to find out what the story is. Miss Teak has a daughter, Shapri that is also in school with Alex, but that is not the curious part. Miss Teak knows things about Alex that he doesn’t know himself. Alex IS having visions of the future and it is his gift. There are teenagers that come into their gifts at puberty and Alex is one of them, as is Simmi and Shapri (not that Shapri will accept her fate). Alex has to learn to use his visions to help others and but these visions seem to surround Simmi. With all of these new feelings for Simmi, he is determined to protect her and not let her get into danger.Follow along with Alex as he learns how to harness his abilities and discover his new feelings for Simmi and Shapri. Not having friends before, everything is new and he gets caught up in the drama. Alex goes on an adventure of discovery with Simmi, Shapri and Miss Teak, trying to decipher his visions and work out who this boy is that will put Simmi in danger. His relationship with his Father gets questioned and the supernatural becomes a fact.Farsighted was a great introduction to the series and all the details of Alex and how he learns at school was fascinating. Typing notes and having them converted to Braille, I have never actually thought about how it would all work. With the twists throughout the book, you can never predict which way the story will go. It was such a fun read and I cannot wait to read Open Heart next.