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Pieces - Michelle D. Argyle As with The Breakaway, Pieces is another fantastic book from Michelle Davidson Argyle. I had to read this straight away because I needed to know what happened between Naomi and Jesse. Knowing book 2 was right there, it begged me to pick it up. Pieces was again an easy read, the writing style was fantastic and with a lot of intrigue. I just had to find out if Naomi could break through her door and make her way back home. With the introduction of Finn, man, I didn’t know who I was going to put my money on winning Naomi’s heart in the end.Naomi is in college, Harvard accepted her again with a scholarship, but with the help of her Mother. Naomi was doing so well while waiting for Jesse. To help the wait go quicker, she makes a friend at her favourite coffee shop, Finn. Every Wednesday having her weekly iced tea and almond cake, Finn and Naomi chat. Finn works up the courage to ask Naomi out and she tells him that she has a boyfriend. But Naomi gives in and tells Finn they can go out as friends. Well, this is where all the complications begin for Naomi. Missing Jesse and feeling so much guilt over her kidnappers, Naomi wants to feel something other than fear and is attracted to Finn. She can’t help the feelings that he stirs within her.When Jesse comes out on parole all hell breaks loose, Naomi retreats into herself again. Missing Jesse so much but knowing she cannot see him is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. Naomi’s grades drop, she doesn’t hand in assignments and everything just goes bleh. Now in trouble of losing her scholarship, Naomi needs to make a decision about what she wants for her future. Naomi is still struggling through everything that happened when she was kidnapped. Nobody understands what she went through or how she could love Jesse. Her parents are overprotective and Finn is questioning everything to do with Jesse. All the pressure is building and Naomi doesn’t know what she wants, except that she wants Jesse.Jesse has a plan and that is to run away together. Naomi has to make the hard decisions once again. Does she run away from everything and her parents? Does Naomi have strong enough feelings for Finn that she won’t go? What will happen once they are away, can she trust Jesse or will their past always make her question him?Poor Naomi, I felt so terribly bad for her, struggling through her life; trying to cope with her past and trying to forget it, but never really being able to escape. This was a deep emotional roller coaster that didn’t seem to want to end for Naomi. It had such unpredictable twists along the way and seeing the strength in Naomi and her determination to do what is right was awe inspiring. I would love to read another companion with Jesse's point of view throughout their whole journey and I definitely will be picking up more books by Michelle.