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Seeds of Discovery  - Breeana Puttroff Seeds of Discovery is a fantastic introduction into the world of Eirentheos. Ms Puttroff has a wonderful style of writing that takes the reader straight into the other world and follows along with Quinn Robin on her investigation into the mystery of William Rose. The contrasting worlds are in such vivid detail that the reader can picture it perfectly.Quinn Robins is a typical teenager, going along her daily life until one afternoon after picking her little sister up from her carer, Quinn almost hits a boy she goes to school with, William Rose. The next minute she sees flashing hazard lights down the road and William is there. Parking she finds the car had crashed and William is attending to the man with a major head injury. Quinn helps William and then he disappears again. Everywhere Quinn goes, she seems to see William. Almost every thought is about what William is doing and where he is going. She is so distracted her friends at school even notice. She is determined to find out where William goes and why. Driving home again she spots him walking along the side of the road, so she follows again, watching as he walks down by the river when her little sister gets out of the car, Quinn’s attention is taken away from William for all of 30 seconds and he has disappeared again.In the meantime, picking Annie (Quinn’s little sister) up from her carer, Zander opens the door. They have been friends since they were toddlers and ever since Zander started high school, he shied away. But now, he is interested and asks Quinn out on a date to a party; Quinn is so excited.With Quinn’s determination, she follows William one Friday afternoon. She has decided to find out once and for all what is going on and to never take her eyes off him. Following behind, she spots William down by the river again. Crouching behind a boulder, she watches at William walks up a couple of steps and then disappears. Quinn is confused and steps up to see if William somehow fell over the edge, but upon checking, she discovers he disappeared into another world, Eirentheos.Quinn falls down the other side and into this new world. William is there to help her, but he is in shock that she actually followed him. Her leg is cut deeply and after walking for a bit, Quinn feels faint and nauseous, next everything is black. Quinn passes out and awakes in a castle. Everything is so strange to Quinn, but it feels so familiar and comfortable at the same time. How can another world exist and why is William coming and going? Quinn gets little explanation and finds out she is stuck for 10 days in Eirentheos; the gate doesn’t open again until Sunday evening. Quinn is disoriented, but there is nothing she can do about it now. Quinn gets entertained by William’s family; she goes on an adventure and helps investigate a mystery, an illness that is plaguing the townsfolk in a village not too far from the Castle. Quinn discovers that this world, without technology, without modern medicine, is such a beautiful and unique place, how will she ever be able to return home untouched?What will happen with her relationship with Zander? Can she still act normal once she returns home? Will they solve the mystery of the illness that is spreading? How will her relationship with William change once they go home?I fell in love with this new world that Breeana Puttroff created. The Castle, William’s family antics and Thomas (William’s brother) being the funny light hearted character that he is, brings everything together and makes one awesome adventure story. This book has everything, laughter, family fun, teenage romance, adventure, action, mystery and magic. I highly recommend this series to everyone that loves a fantasy.