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Phoebe Pope and the Year of Four - Nya Jade WOW, this is such an awesome read. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. Being a debut novel for Nya Jade, this book was fantastic and a great introduction to the series. The writing style was fantastic and this book has such a fast pace you don’t realise the pages are turning so quickly. The characters are unique and with each page they evolve and create a world that is like no other.Phoebe Pope is the protagonist and has been unique her whole life. Her mother skipped out on her when she was a child and after being chased by Vigo (shaper bad guys) her Father and Phoebe have a car accident where her Father is caught and killed. Phoebe has scars that run deeper than just her skin and has trouble dealing with leaving her father behind. Now living with her Grandfather, Phoebe is packed off and sent to a boarding school, Green Lane Academy. This school is special; there are two levels, Above and Below. Above is where normal school happens, where humans and shapers attend classes like Maths and English, but it is Below where the real schooling happens for Phoebe. Below is where Phoebe learns how to kill a Vigo and use her elemental powers. The humans don’t know the shapers even exist.There seems to be a big increase in Vigo activity around the Boston area, where the Academy is located and precautions have been made to make sure Vigo are noticed if they come close. During an initiation event with the new students, an attack takes place and a girl is shot with an arrow, Phoebe is dragged away into the forest by a Vigo and is trying to fight back. All of a sudden another Vigo comes along and fights the Vigo for the prize. Phoebe is free and the Vigo’s leave. Phoebe is astounded, that doesn’t normally happen. Who is her saviour?There is a prophecy, during the year of four, there will ONE that will be able to fight against Vigo and destroy them. This is such a year; there are four students enrolled that are half human and half shaper, called Hyphas. These four students will have special classes to help build their elemental powers and determine who will be the special one. In the Above campus, there is a celebrity attending school. Colten Chase is causing all sorts of drama with his awesome good looks and popularity with the girls. Phoebe is instantly attracted, but so is every other girl in school. Colten seems to notice Phoebe straight away and pursues her. They get closer each time they spend time together, but Colten seems too perfect, something seems off.When two of her special classmates are kidnapped, all hell breaks loose and security is upped. Phoebe and the last Hypha are under close security. Phoebe is determined to find out who is behind the kidnappings and why. She follows a lead and sneaks off campus, but of course gets captured.Can Phoebe escape from the baddies? Will she be able to find out who is behind the kidnappings? What about Colten the hottie, can they be together even though they are from different worlds? Can Phoebe find the other teenagers before they are killed? Who will be the ONE?This book has it all, betrayals, romance, action, adventure, mystery and magic, oh and don’t forget the hot celebrity, Colten. This is such a creative read and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the story and the characters. I really need book two now! I highly recommend this to all readers, it is such a fun and addictive read.