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Hale Maree - Misty Provencher I loved this book and had to read it as quick as I could. The writing style of Misty Provencher was fantastic and has such an easy flow that you don’t realise how quickly the pages are turning. The characters are interesting and you can’t help but pity Hale; her life isn’t fun and gets even more complicated.Hale Simmons aspires to improve her life and escape from poverty. She dreams of going to college on a scholarship and school is her priority. With a Mother that left when she was little and a Father that is an alcoholic, she does everything she can to keep food on the table and not let her Father waste all their money on booze.One night, Hales’ Father, Jerry brings home a man, Otto and as she is preparing her tin of stew, they are talking about her and a boy called Oscar. They are talking about Hale’s pure virtue and her good looks and how Oscar will be able to take care of Hale. Hale is mortified and thinks surely they are not arranging a marriage for her…..that just doesn’t happen anymore does it?The next day, Jerry explains what is to happen and why. He wouldn’t go into the details, says it is safer if she doesn’t know them. Hale is to marry this man’s son, Oscar and it will seal the deal of trust and give them all motivation to keep the secret. Jerry witnessed a murder and as such, to prove he won’t break his promise, has offered Hale to marry Oscar.Hale felt degraded and doesn’t know what to do. She meets Oscar once, but isn’t planning on marrying him. Jerry demands Hale marry Oscar and kicks Hale out of her house and into the arms of Oscar. They escape to Oscar’s family beach house and are to become acquainted before they marry.Hale is having mixed feelings as the days go on living with Oscar. He is being sweet and trying extremely hard to make her feel comfortable. Slowly, very slowly, Hale is starting to like Oscar, but to marry him is still a thing of distress. Oscar invites his best friend to visit, and his friends girlfriend comes along as well. They all try to get along. With the secret still hanging over their heads, Oscar and Hale try really hard to get along in front of company, but everything is still so very strange. As the pressure escalates, Hale needs to make a decision and when Oscar proposes, she is shocked at how easily he seems to be able to accept everything. Can Hale overcome her thoughts and go with her heart? Will they really get married? What happened with the murder and was anybody implicated? Will Jerry turn his life around with the help of Otto? Can life really go on for Hale if she’s married to Oscar?This is a fantastic love story that had some shocking twists along the way. They betrayal Hale felt from her father was so vivid, that I was crying along with her. This is such a unique story for me that I want more from these characters; they are just so addictive and intriguing. I am glad to hear there will be a companion, Full of Grace and cannot wait to read it.