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How Beauty Saved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #2) - Jax Garren Book 2 in the Tales of the Underlight series, How Beauty Saved the Beast was a fantastic sequel and I enjoyed this book more than the first. The first was an introduction to the Underlight and how Hauk and Jolie first met. This book was had more action, more romantic tension and more mystery. It just had more and I loved it all. This is a fast paced action adventure with romance and Ms Garren’s writing style is so addictive that I couldn’t stop turning the pages just to see if Hauk and Jolie finally get together.Jolie is a Burlesque dancer from a family that is extremely wealthy and is in high political standing. But Jolie’s Father is head of the Order of Ananke, a cult that is trying to take over the world. Jolie had no idea growing up that her Father was involved and only found out two months ago.Hauk is ex-military, a fugitive and the best defence that The Underlight has against the Order of Ananke. Hauk was severely hurt during his last stint in Afghanistan, with burns covering most of his body and also losing most of a leg. Hauk is scarred horribly and when he is in a fight, goes into a “RAGE” where he actually blacks out, but the beast emerges and Hauk is unstoppable. He doesn’t seem to feel pain and has super healing abilities, but doesn’t know friend from foe, except for Jolie. He knows to protect her at all costs.Jolie has come to terms with Hauk’s scars and doesn’t even notice them anymore. She knows the man inside is the most warm hearted and caring person she has ever met and is trying to work out where her feelings for Haul are. Hauk can only think about Jolie, every day and every night Jolie is always on his mind. He is determined to have her for himself and is trying to work up the courage to ask her out. But can he overcome his own fears of letting Jolie touch his scars, trusting her fully and realising she likes him for the man inside?Hauk’s childhood sweetheart, Ashley gets a transfer to the Austin Underlight branch, Jolie is extremely jealous and realises she does have feelings for Hauk, but is not certain what kind of relationship Hauk and Ashley have. Ashley is everything Jolie isn’t and that angers her even more.The Order of Ananke has been trying to capture Hauk and turn him into a baddie. They are experimenting on Hauk to try and get him out of his rages; they have no idea how to stop him. Jolie has been training with Hauk so she is able to help him and she has to find the strength within herself and overcome her fears in order to do so.Follow along with Jolie and Hauk as they decide where their feeling lie and if they can overcome their own fears. Can Jolie rescue Hauk from himself and the Order of Ananke? Who will betray them all and discover how to stop Hauk’s rages? Will Jolie and Hauk finally get together and stop all the tension between them? Watch as they both discover their own strength for loyalty and what it means to be a friend. This was a fantastic sequel and I cannot wait for book 3, How Beauty Loved the Beast that is due out in May 2013.