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Goodnight, Brian - Steven Manchester Oh, this is such a heart-warming and emotional book. The summary really grabbed me being a mother myself and we are forever worried about our children. I hadn’t read anything from this author before, but I will be from now on. Steven Manchester has a lovely way of writing that draws the reader into the story. I can’t remember the last time I cried so much while reading a book.This book follows the life of Brian Mauretti. He was born into the world like any other baby and started out the same way. After nursing Brian for a while, Joan decided to put Brian onto infant formula. Joan noticed that Brian wasn’t settling very well, he wouldn’t sleep and cried all the time. It was putting a strain on her marriage as well as on herself. She visited a Doctor who told Joan to change to soy based formula. After trialling the formula, Joan found that Brian was still unsettled and now had the added problem of diarrhoea. Upon calling the same Doctor, they were told to persevere and he would be ok.Joan kept feeding Brian this formula and she just knew that something wasn’t right. One day Brian was lethargic and unwell, rushing him to the hospital it was found he was dehydrated. Joan decided to seek another opinion and needed to find out what in the world was going on. After finding a Doctor that swore he would help her and find out what was wrong, they waited and waited on tests galore. Eventually, after much research by the Doctor it was found that Brian had a brain damage from insufficient sodium in the formula. Everybody was in shock, this couldn’t be right, how can a company make a formula that would cause brain damage? What was going to happen to Brian now?The Doctor told Brian’s family that he would never walk, talk or learn anything like normal children. Joan’s Mother, Mama to everybody, vowed that she knew in her heart that Brian would walk, talk and write, just like any other child.SO, this family, including Joan’s extended family, all vowed they would help Brian in any way they could. He would walk and talk, no matter how long it took. Mama took it upon herself to start teaching Brian lessons in life and getting his brother, Ross and his cousins to help.This is a story that shows a family’s willingness to help no matter how hard the challenge is or how long it will take. The determination and love that this family shows is unconditional and in teaching Brian, they all learn valuable life lessons from Mama along the way. Mama is the Italian grandmother that every family wants. Cooking, adventure, fun, loving, summer sleep overs, are just some of the wonders that this Mama provides for her grandchildren, all the while her top priority is making sure Brian learns and knows how to stick up for himself and his family.Make sure that while you are reading this book, you have a box of tissues with you. I am sure I cried from the beginning to the end. This book has it all, foremost is LOVE, family togetherness, loyalty, faith in each other and is so inspiring. It made me think of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family and how precious my children are. Such a great read!